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 John  Street Secondary School   Fitba team c1948
Back Row 1. David Kehoe
5. F. MacKenzie
2. Alex Beattie
6. Gavin Innis  
3. H Cunningham
7.      Carmichael 
4.     Harris
Front Row 1.Teacher Mr McAuley
5             Patterson
Bill McKinlay
6  Dave Holt
3 A. Forthshaw
7 Teacher D. Letham
4  J. Dougan


August 2004. Photo sent in by Helen McKinlay, Ontario, Canada.
" husband Bill McKinlay went to John St School cc 1948, he was born March 1936. Glesga Pals may be interested to know that Dave Holt, in the front row went on to play for Hearts."
April 2005 extract from e-mail, John Dougall
Re 1948 John Street Fitba' photie.Back row (6) is Gavin Innes,he was an officer in the 61st Calton B.B. of which I was a member.
More interestingly, P.T. teacher in the photie Davy Letham played for John Street School, from where he joined Queens Park and had a long career as a player. He was a member of the G.B. football squad at the '48 Olympics, and later held high offices with the S.F.A. and Scottish League
He held the office of President to the Scottish Football League and was SFA Committee Member
August 2005 extract from e-mail, Jimmy McGibbon
Regarding the school photo of John St Sec cc1948. The school teacher Davy Letham became the PT instructor at Bernard St School during the early sixties. He was chairman of Queen's Park FC. I remember playing against him ( pupils versus teachers ). He was a solid man. He played for Queen's Park and the British Olympic team.

David Letham
17 March 2007 extract from messageboard, GlesgaPal Charlie, Glasgow
Just read that Davie Letham the legendary Queen's Park man has passed away at the age of 83.
March 2007 extract from messageboard, GlesgaPal Peterbc, Canada
....he was a gentleman on and off the field, and a good friend for more than 50 years. I knew he hadn't been well these last months, but it is sad to lose a friend.
March 2007 extract from messageboard, GlesgaPal Anniemay, Canada
Sorry, to hear of Davie's passing, I remember him from John St. School. He was a gym teacher there
March 2007 extract from messageboard, GlesgaPal Allybally, Glasgow
I'm sorry to hear about this too..must tell my old school friend - who now lives in England..
We sometimes reminisce about our school John street..and how we girls would swoon over Davie ..especially when he got to take us for gym..but he probably just sighed and looked the other way when he seen us all in our big baggy navy bloomers... :o :o ;D
He was always so even-tempered...unlike the other female teacher..didn't know he was that age though..
March 2007 extract from messageboard, GlesgaPal Shug, Cumbernauld, Scotland
Remember Davie as a hard task master in the gym at John St. he would also kick lumps out of you to toughen you up for the school fitba`,his favourite methods of corporal punishment were to grip a sideburn between finger and thumb and yank oot a couple of hairs,ouch!!...ah can still feel the pain,but it wisnae as sore as hi!s "Torry rope" when he`d whack any miscreant across the bahookey with the knotted end of the rope used to raise and lower the bars at the side of the gym...still the entry into the schoolboy enclosure for the Real Madrid-Eintracht Franfurt game made it all worthwhile!
March 2007 extract from messageboard, GlesgaPal Henry, EastKilbride, Scotland
shug..;you have written my story of the torry....for me it was for not having gym kit.
allybally..;i was at a John Street School re-union some time ago, cheese/wine night. there were a lot of ladies of a certain age there, and when mr letham came in to the hall, there was a sigh from them.
i wonder what the modern kids would have made of his disciplinary ways.
i dont know if he had family i pass on my condolences.
He was also past president of the scottish football league, and my schoolboy enclosure tickets were for gers v st mirren cup final.
March 2007 extract from messageboard, GlesgaPal Josey, Brisbane, Australia
I am very sad to read of Dave Lethams passing. I remember him at John St.Sen.Sec.playing in the fitba team,and he was my Colour.Sgt in the 155 Coy.BB in the Methodist Church Main St. I also spoke to him at the Schools Centenary Dinner in City Chambers. It is true--life is too short--- Josey



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