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 John Street Secondary School   1950 Girls  14yr olds

     Oct 2002. May Ballantyne (nee Cuthbertson ) sent in this class photograph. 

Extract from e-mail, May Ballantyne (nee Cuthbertson), Canada,   
".....I lived at 106 Bernard St........ I love your site reliving old memories.
I've been in Canada since 1965 and live in Oshawa, Ontario, about 25mls east of Toronto.
Thanks for the memories of Bridgeton and for letting me be part of your website."

jss 1950

Webmaister:  thanks May, I love seeing the old 'coconut mats' again....we all remember them!

Top Row 1.TeacherMr Cameron
5. Margaret Mathieson
Shirley Crainey
7.  Betty Boyle
4.  May Coulter
8.Margaret McCutcheon
3rd Row 1.  Kathy Shillinglaw
6. May Cuthbertson
3.  Nancy Geddes
2nd Row
5. Isabel McInnes
2.  Mary Grey
6.  May Rennie
3.  Helen Adams
4. Moira Gordon
8.  Phyllis Dickens
Front Row .
1.  Jean Hudson 2.  Kathy Reilly
  Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or can tell a tale from this class..



Extract from e-mail, May Ballantyne (nee Cuthbertson), Canada, Oct.2002
"..... my 1950 class of 'Big Joney'.   The girl sitting on the left in the front is Jean Hudson I contacted her through friends reunited  She lives in Australia. A few more names I remember are May Rennie, Phyllis Dickens, Margaret McCutcheon, Nancy Geddes. All Brigton lassies........
Nancy Geddes was my best pal then .I know she is in Canada but I haven't seen her since about 1968. It would be great if she sees this and contacts me....once again I must thank you for your website
Extract from e-mail, Shirley Robb (nee Crainey), New York, USA,  Nov.2002  
"..... Just thought I'd make a correction as to who the 6th person in the top row of that picture.  It is me, Shirley Robb (nee Crainey).  The fifth person in the top row is Margaret Mathieson.  Jean Hudson, in the front row should be able to identify Moira Gordon since they were pals.  Thank's a million for giving me back my picture I lost over 45 years ago.  It brought back some wonderful memories.
Looking at the class picture just jogged my memory as to the names of two of the other girls in the picture.  In the seond row # 4 is Moira Gordon.  In the fourth row #4 is May Coulter. Thanks again May Cuthbertson for the picture.

See Shirley's 'GlescaPals' entry
Extract from e-mail, Nancy MacLaren (nee Geddes), Canada, Feb.2004
"...Hi OorWull,webmaister. the friend I found after 35 years thanks to your website was  May Cuthbertson/Ballantyne from Oshawa. When I found out she was in Oshawa, I only had to call the operator, ask for the phone #, and called her right away. Your website is great I love it! I'm 67 years old, just getting into this WWW stuff, so I'll be a regular, the more you use it (You know what I mean) everything! My name was Nancy Geddes (now MacLaren) I was born in the Gallowgate, lived in Heron St since I was about 4 (1940). I went to Queen Mary St School, lived in Birmingham for a couple of years after the war, and went to John St Sen Sec. till I left in 1950 or thereabouts.
I Worked at Templetons Carpet Factory (1Yr) and then went to East Kilbride Dairy Farmers in Silvergrove St.( 5 Yrs) I came to canada in 1957 when I was 20. I have a son Craig 42 and a daughter Lauren 44. 4 grandchildren. Meaghan 13, Alexander 11 (My sons kids) and Bradley 11 and Ayden 6( my daughters kids ) My husband was Lauchlan MacLaren born 1937 came from Rutherglen, (Died 1989) came to Canada when he was 18. 
If anybody wants to get in touch, I'd love to hear from them. May and I have plans to meet as soon as the weather gets better. This is Canada you know, Snow Snow and more Snow (This Year is bad)  Thats all for now 
( Hugs and Kisses ) from Nancy to Wull oor webmaister!
Extract from e-mail, Isabel McInnes, Sydney Australia  Jan.2010
John St Senior 1950 14 yrs - 2nd row No 5 next to Mary Rennie Thats me anaw
Mary Cuthbertson is the person ah managed tae get in touch wi efter awe these years thanks tae GlescaPals!

Noo jist anither wee thing thote ah might tell ye. Ah met an auld pal oh mine jist over a year ago an told her ah hid seen her photie oan GlescaPals. Looks like her Grandaughter gote in touch an gave her name . Rumford St 1944/45. Margaret McAleese. She lived up the next close fae yer Grannie, Webmaister oan the corner o' Reid St an Franklin St.



Old Bridgeton School pals Nancy & May enjoying the sunshine in Canada 2004

Extract from e-mail, May Ballantyne (nee Cuthbertson), Canada, March 2005
Hi Webmaister I wonder if you would print this picture of Nancy McLaren nee Geddes and me.
We were pals at John St.School and after we left, till she came to Canada in the late 50s I came in 1965 and we met once or twice before losing touch.
We met again through the GlescaPals website
last year and the John St.Sen.Secy.class of 1950
Thanks for getting the guestbook up and running again . Cheers May......p.s donation on its way!

Webmaister : Och it ferr warms the cockles o' mah heart to see another GlescaPals success story
                    see May's primary school photograph from 1947


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