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 John Street Secondary School   1952-53  class of 15-16yr olds          


June 2002.  Tom Taylor from Ruby Street sent in this class photograph.

jss 1952
Top Row 1 James Gowrie
6.Alexander Jackson
2. James Scott
7. John Sparks
3.Kenny Banner 
5. Donald Fraser
10. Tom Taylor
2nd Row 1.Miss Paterson (Tch)
6. Adam Love
2. James Dougan
8. David Kehoe 
4. Angus Hill
9. Willie Harris
Teacher Mr.Gibson
Front Row 1.
5. Jean Bridges

Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell.


July 2002, three names added....thanks ex-pupil Maureen Alexander
June 2004 extract from e-mail, GlescaPal Josie Smith Banner, USA
"......on your website I found my late husband's photo on the John Street 1952 his name was Kenny Banner he is on the top row third from the left and it would be great to see his name there so I could give my 5 grandchildren a copy. 
He always talked with great affection of John Street school, my father in law and all his family came from Bridgeton, my husband  never missed going to his Masonic hall there even although he had moved to Pollock.  We have been in the USA since 1976.  Thanks again , God Bless Josie /////////"
June 2004 extract from MB, GlescaPal BigJimmy,
Hi Webmaister just been looking at John Street Senior Secondary photos 1952 15/16 year olds and who should be looking back at me but my big sister. Number 5 on the front row and i can even tell you her name Jean Bridges we lived in Claythorn Street. She still lives in Denniston and her married name is Ferguson :Keep up the good work the site is marvelous :D ::)Big Jimmy
July 2007 extract from e-mail, Sharon Marshall (nee Jackson)
Many thanks webmaister. My dad is in the back row, middle, with the light jacket and fairish hair.  His name is Alexander Jackson.  Many thanks again. Sharon
Oct.2012 extract from e-mail, A.Jackson
Dear Webmaister, 1952-53-class of 15-16 year olds attending John Street Senior Secondary School. Locations and individuals mentioned are as follows,
2nd. Row No.1 Miss Patterson French Specialist and Head of language Dept.

2nd. Row No.10 Mr. Gibson Head of Science Dept.

2nd. Row No.6 Pupil Adam Love

Wonderful staff who brought me through my teenage "angst" and provided an example which has inspired me ever since.I am forever grateful to them and and to the working class folk of Bridgeton. They went before holding up a torch for me in the darkness.

All the young lads in this school photograph were hoping to progress to some sort of career or at least an  trade apprenticeship. The alternative to academic success was of course to be "called up" in each and every case for military service. At this time National Service was mandatory. This weighted heavily on many young men and distorted the lives of many.




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