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 John Street Secondary School   1960  - 13/14yr olds


Back Row 1. John Cartledge
6. William Irvine
2. Peter Mair
7. William Hendry   
3. Gordon Crawford
8. Donnie Watson    
9. George Molde
5.James Ferguson    
3rd Row 1. Yvonne Devine
6. Zandra Summers
2. Dolina MacKinnon
7. Marion McDonald
3. Frances Clark
4. Rose 
9. Betty Mitchell
5. Rita Murray 
10 teacher Mr.Stewart  
2nd Row 1. Betty Murray
6. Mattie Meek
2. Marion MacLeish
7. Aileen Craig       
3. Joyce
8. Dorothy Black    
4. Helen MacMillan    
9. Irene Irvine
5. Agnes Devine 
Front Row 1.George Dempster John Welsh  3 John MacFarlane 4  George Drumond 5 Donald Howie
6 Joseph Clark
Contact the Webmaister if you have a name or have a tale tae tell


Jul.2006. Dolina Hamilton (nee MacKinnon), Ontario, Canada.
Hi webmaister: The site is fabulous I have had two pals contact me since I signed the guestbook.
I worked beside the first pal (Anne Calman) nee Merrilees 40+yrs ago, we have since met and keep in touch she stays not far from me. I went to school with the 2nd pal (Marion Copeland) nee McDonald she is the one who sent me the class picture I talk to her often through e-mails she stays in Glasgow..........The picture was taken at John St.Senior Secondary 1960.
Marion and I came up with names of some of our classmates ..............
I know you are a very busy man and I appreciate very much what you are doing. Here are the names from the class picture taken: we are either 13yrs or 14yrs old. I hope we have got the names right we are 99% sure.  The Teacher: Mr. Stewart. taught Home form and Science
Thanks again I get google eyed on your site it is very addictive I enjoy every minute/hours that I am on it. 

Sept.2008. Betty Muir, Glasgow, Scotland.

Hi Webmaister, Just a note to ask you to add the following names to the above photograph, It is on behalf of my brother –
John McFarlane
and this was his school photograph.  

Back row no. 7 – William Hendry,  Front Row – no. 1 – George Dempster,  Front Row – no. 3 John McFarlane. 

Kind regards,
Betty Muir  (Bobby Muir and Drew Muir’s mum – they were both in the 219th BB with you).

Oct.2009 Dolina Hamilton (nee MacKinnon), Ontario, Canada.

Hi Webmaister: I met you and Norrie at the GlescaPals Hoose Party in Toronto, what a great night (great people) and thanks for the sweeties, they brought back great memories (especially the wee flying saucer). I received an email from a school pal (Donald Howie) who is in the picture, he got my address through GlescaPals and I thank you for that.    

I sent a school picture to GlesgaPals a few years back and I now have some more names to be added, thanks to Donnie for providing them. John Street Sen Secondary 13/14 yrs old 1960. 

Donald and I went to Tureen Street School and John Street Sen Secondary, he said he sent the pictures for the GP website, I am excited about seeing them. 

Top Row: # 1 John Cartledge, # 3 Gordon Crawford, # 5 James Ferguson, # 6 William Irvine, .# 8 Donnie Watson, # 9 George Molde. 

Bottom Row: # 4 George Drummond, # 5 Donald Howie.... 
Thanks Webmaister for fabulous memories.




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