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 John Street Secondary School   c1960-61

Back Row 1 Ian Anderson
3 Ian Thompson
4 Billy Gowans
6 Alan Harkness
7 Blair Hall
3rd Row 1 martin Lynas  
3 John Leishman
7 Davie Colbett
4 Elizabeth Caughie
8. Ian Smith
5 Ethel Hutton
9 Jim Nicol
2nd Row 1 Alice Melrose 
6 Margaret Leitch
7 Sadie McCarles
8. Anne Walton
5 Jean Ferguson
9 Roberta Powell
Front  . 1 Billy Armstrong 2 Robert Mortimer 3  Ian Stewart .

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 Photo  Mar 2007 from Rosemary Johnston (nee Crossan), Australia
Oct.2013 via Guestbook, GlescaPal Peter Mortimer, Glasgow
Hi Webmaister,  Hope you are well. I can identify two of the boys sat on the ground on the front row.
No 1 is Billy Armstrong and No 2 is my brother Robert Mortimer.
He was delighted to see the photo and asked if you have a copy of the football team of 1962, wearing the striped Queen's Park outfit, as he was in the team at that time. Regards, Peter

Jan.2022 via Email Louise Leishman, Age 49, Glasgow                                      dad was John Leishman, row 3, no 3 in the picture.unfortunately he is no longer with us passed away about 12 years now. I loved the picture though as never seen a young picture of him before well school age.  He stayed in oatlands or gorbals at this time I'm sure. He would have been 75 this March


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