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     London Road Primary School    Class of  c1967   


May 2009  Class photograph sent by GlescaPal oorWullie ( William Mutter, Germany)


Top Row 1. TeacherMiss McEever
6. John Strachan
2. Brian Cromar
7. James Strang 
8.  John Strang
4.. Willie Mutter
9.  John Galloway
5. Sammy Houston
10. Robert Blaney
3rd Row  1.  Jean
6.  Andrena Whitelaw
2.  Catherine Degan
7.  Marilyn Johnstone
3.  Elaine Milne
8.  Linda Maghee
4.. Elaine Sparks
9. June Ferguson
5.  Marie Aadair
10. Ruby Gilmour
2nd Row 1. Billy Keays
6. Karen Adair
2. Elizabeth Keays
7.  Sandra Sneddon
3.  Margaret Burnes
8.  Lorraine Scott
4. Jane Burns
9. Sandra Johnston
5.  Christine McDougall
10. Wullie Wilson
Front Row 1. David Young 2. Peter Kelly
3. Algie McGill
4.. John Tanner
5. John Lyall
6. Jamie Rymer



GlescaPal oorWullie .... Webmaister please give John Strang a mention then, he sent me the picture and I scanned it again and posted it, and GlescaPal jeank she`s the one who`s supplied the names.



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