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  Newlands Primary School          Class of 1960   11yr olds


Feb.2003,  Class photograph sent by Margaret Berry ( nee Shepherd ), Cambuslang, Scotland.

Top Row 1. Donald Sharp
5. Gary Nolan
2. Kenneth McMurray
6. Robert Porteous
3.  Leslie Greenhorn
7.  Robert Irvine
4. Ernest Lauchlan
8. Brian Barbour
4th Row  1. Edward Chalmers
5. James Dick
2. Ian Grant
6. John Walker
3. Robert Brodie
7. Joseph Benton
4. Alec Low 
8. George Higgins
3rd Row  1. Linda White 
5. Anne McKenzie
9. June MacWilliam
2. Margaret Bain
6. Margaret Shepherd
3. Jean Gavin
7. Grace McFarlane
8. Margaret Cameron
2nd Row 1. Rhonda Hitchcock
5. Grace Blackshaw
2. Margaret Law 
6. Pamela McCarron
3. Marjorie Meiklejohn
7. Mary Kennedy
4. Joan Palgrave 
8. Margaret Dearie
Front Row 1. 
5.Joseph Hewitson
2. Vivienne Stevenson
3. James McKnight 4. Louise Gibson
   Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale to tell.  



Feb.2003,  Margaret Berry  (nee Shepherd )
Great memory Margaret just about remembered every name!  
Margaret's son Gavin is best friends with my oldest son Alan, and I am reliably informed that Margaret and
her family have became fans of the website. 
It therefore gives me great pleasure to add this 1960 class photograph to my website. 

WEBMAISTER:-  my son Alan got married on 4th June 2004 and Margaret's son Gavin was his best man. (Photo of Margaret aged 15 sent to me by her old classmate June MacWilliam......isn't GlescaPals fantastic ! )


May.2003,  June Elizabeth MacWilliam, ( now Liz Mellis ), Sechelt, B.C, Canada,
"I was amazed and delighted to find this website with a picture of Newlands School and the 1960 photo at Newlands shows me in it. Margaret Shepherd has a fantastic memory....I wonder if she remembers me? I have been living in Canada for 37 years now and have been "home" for many visits. I always longed to find some classmates and even made the journey to Newlands School only to find they had turned it into offices. Would enjoy hearing from anyone else from Newlands or Riverside who might remember me"

May 2003, extract from Guestbook, June Elizabeth MacWilliam, ( now Liz Mellis ), Sechelt, near Vancouver, Canada
" I love this website and the clever Webmaster who puts it all together. I've now made email contact with three former classmates from Newlands Primary School in Parkhead (Margaret Shepherd, Robert Porteous and Gary Nolan). Hoping more of you will register and get in touch. I would love to know what happened to you after you left Newlands - and any memories you have of Mr. Mutch or Miss Critchley"

Oct. 2004, extract from Guestbook, June Elizabeth MacWilliam, ( now Liz Mellis ), Sechelt, Canada
"........  I am still enjoying this website and like to browse. 
Through this website I have made contact with 6 Newlands Primary School classmates.
..George Higgins, Gary Nolan, 
Kenneth McMurray, Robert Porteous, James Dick, Margaret Shepherd. Would like to hear from others...where are you Newlands folks?

May 2005, extract from email, June Elizabeth MacWilliam, ( now Liz Mellis ), Sechelt, Canada
".. sorry here is more work.......your website is just too good and now you are having too much work to keep everything up, aren't you? Top Row Number 7 is Robert Irvine, now living in Ontario, Canada, one of our classmates found him in the guestbook and contacted him. 
26 Dec.2006, extract from email, Brian Charlton, Blantyre, ( see Newlands School blog)
 "Webmaister, A Merry Christmas to you and yours.
I got an e-mail from Robert Irvine in one of your school photo's identifying another couple of boys.
He is number 7 in the back row and he said that the boy right in front of him (No 7 in row 4) is called Joseph Benton. He also said that the boy at No 3 in the 4th row is called Robert Brodie, so that would be almost everybody in that class identified now, if you would like to update it. Best regards,  Brian Charlton.
7th May 2009, extract from email, GlescaPal Mags, Glasgow
I received an airmail letter today from my aunt in Canada who informed me that my pal Liz (Scotbandit a GlescaPal) also known as Liz, June Macwilliam married name was Mellis has died.
I am in shock as I have spoken to Liz for a few years and we had family connections we used to speak a lot on Skype. I will miss her dearly. Liz was only 59 and died on April 13th 2009 there is a family gathering this Saturday 9th May to celebrate her life there will and open house in Sechelt Canada from 12 noon to 4pm with a eulogy and address starting at 1-30 pm this is for her friends and family who can make it.



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