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  Newlands Primary School           c1960



Top Row

1. Billy Crocket


3. Brian Charlton
6   John  O'Hara

4. Ian Brown
7. Graham Anderson

5. Leonard Palgrave
8. John Chapman

4th Row

1.TeacherMiss Foley

2. (twin)    Hill
7. Keith Mcpherson

James Usher  

4. Craig Ranochan
9. James Gardener

10. Ann Atkinson

3rd Row

1. Robert Blackshaw
6. Henry Hunter


3.  (twin)    Hill
Donald McKechnie 

9. Margt Glasgow

5. Billy Dunning

2nd Row 1.Margaret McDonald
6. Esther Maitland
2. Jean Aitken
7  Eleanor Robinson
3. Isobel Morrison
8  Josie Fleming
4.Margaret Anderson
9. Kathie McGhee
5. Sandra McCulloch
10. Linda Bottom
11. Emma Douglas
Front Row 1. Jeanette Stewart 2. Maureen Law
3. Janet Jamieson 4. Mary Cross
6. Isobel Ralston
5.  Catherine Ness
7.  Patricia Mundy
    Please contact the webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale to tell  


  April 2007
, photograph sent by GlesgaPal Brian Charlton, Blantyre, Scotland
          .............this is my class, I am No. 3 in the back row. Circa 1960.
 Brian Charlton....... I was born in April 1950 Attended Newlands Primary school, Parkhead along with my brother Eddie.
My best pal at primary and later at Westwood Sec. in Easterhouse was Lenny Palgrave, but we have lost touch.
Whilst at Riverside I worked as the delivery boy for the Co-op at Nuneaton St and Dalmarnock Rd. I left school at 15 and worked in Jack Sakol's furniture factory in Fielden St. in the veneer shop. I served my time as a boilermaker in Thompsons, Lilybank Works London Rd. and later became a draughtsman.
I married Ellen Collins in 1971 and we have two sons and a daughter. Scott, Gordon & Denise. We emigrated to Ontario Canada in 1972 but returned to Scotland after 3 years. We now live in Blantyre to the east of Glasgow.
For more info on me, visit my Blog

 May 2007, Margaret Anderson  .... seven names added

 August 2007Jean Graham (nee Aitken) .... seven names added
  Hopefully some of the other names will come back to me. My brother just emailed me info on this site tonight and itís great.  I shall check it out more tomorrow.





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