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   Newlands Primary School   1961   School Monitors  


August 2005, photograph sent by June Elizabeth MacWilliam ( now Liz Mellis), Canada

Top Row 1. Margaret Shepherd
2. Margaret Deans
3. Ernest Lauchlan 
5. Margaret law
4. Gary Nolan
6. Anne McKenzie
2nd Row 1. Marjorie Meiklejohn
2. Mr.D Carmichael
  ( Headmaster )
3. Joan Palgrave 
5. Mr.James D Mutch
  ( Deputy Headmaster )
4. James Dick
6. Pamela McCarron
Front Row 1. Kenneth McMurray
2. June MacWilliam
3. Robert Porteous
   Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face.  


August 2005, extract from email, June Elizabeth MacWilliam, ( now Liz Mellis ), Sechelt, Canada
".. The final photo taken 1961, before our graduating to Riverside, shows our teacher, the late Mr. James D. Mutch, Assistant Head Master, and the Headmaster, Mr. T. Carmichael, as well as our signatures on the reverse side of the photo.........we were 11 years old and we were chosen as "MONITORS" which was a high honour to us. It is actually due to Bob Porteous that we have this record as he found the signed photo in his mother's attic after her passing and scanned me a copy as well as the other class photos..
What is special about this photograph is everyone signed the back and Mr.Mutch was much loved as a teacher "


...... a historical document from this old school............ the back of the photograph all signed.


May 2006 ......Hello Webmaister .... just got around to looking at these fotees again and filling in some names.....been so busy finding lost schoolmates around the world.  I even finally met a lad (in person) who lived almost next door to me - we knew each other since we were toddlers.  Despite an absence of 40 YEARS, we  met up just recently in Vancouver, BC where we talked about our school days and filled in some blanks for each other. 
This would never have happened if you hadn't taken on this website project.  It's been really great for Scots around the world Wull. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and going far beyond the call of duty.  It is obvious that this site is not just a commercial venture.......your HEART is in this too Wull.....we can tell!!    Now that is high praise from a wee Glesga wummin !! Slainte,
                                                                     E-(Liz)-abeth Mellis,  B.C. Canada  a.k.a.  "June MacWilliam" from school days.



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 lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web

A lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web
for family and friends to enjoy



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