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    Newlands Primary School   Class of 1967 - 68     


2010,  Class photograph sent by Tam McCann

Top Row 1. Jim Bain
6. Jim Anderson
2.  Derek Robinson
7.  Brian  ? 
3. David Crawford
8. James Greenhorn
4. David Moffatt
9. Alex McGreedy
5.  George McKenzie
10. Teacher Miss Downie
3rd Row  1.  John Thompson
6.  Barbara  ?
2. Dillys McCarron
7. Wilma McAlpine
3. Margaret Faulds
8. Sandra Taylor
4. Jean Stevenson
9. Joseph Rudden
5. Marion McNellan

2nd Row 1. Jeanette Pollok
6  Jean Reid
2. Elizabeth Robertson
7. Elizabeth Hill
3. Christine McNeil
8. Ann McCulloch
4. Margaret Rogers
9. June McCracken
5. Christine Wood
Front Row 1. Alan Hunt
2.  Walker McGowan
3. Frank Young

4.Johnny Johnstone .
      Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell!


Nov. 2016, email, Primrose McLuckie, age62, Glasgow, Scotland 
Top row 4th child Is David Moffatt

March 2017, email, David Moffatt, Age 60, Greensboro, USA                                                           
".. this class photograph from left to right
Top row :  person 1,Jim Bain (I think); 2,Derek Robinson (I think). ; 3,Frank Young (think); 4,David Moffatt( I'm positive)
3rd row: person1,John Thompson :
2nd row: person 4 Margret Rogers :
front row: person 2,Walker McGowan ;  person 4, .....?  Johnson ( forgot 1st name) it's Jim or John

March 2017, email, Elizabeth McCann (nee Robertson) ,  Glasgow                                                     
" Nearly all names confirmed and more added .... "                                                         Webmaister :- thanks 


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