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  Newlands Primary School


     Newlands Primary School, Springfield Road ( just south of Parkhead Cross )


This school was built in 1896, gifted to the school board of that time by Lord Newlands.
In the 1970's Strathclyde Regional Council closed the school with the intention of selling the property for industrial units, but campaigning parents action group found records detailing the conditions of the gift and prevented the selling off of the building.

The school is used by the Social Work Department as offices.
Still a fine looking building the writing above the first floor windows reads : -   

School Board        Newlands Public School       of Glasgow


NEWLANDS PRIMARY SCHOOL website - for all folk who attended Newlands School.
There may be a photo of YOU posted  here! Take a look through the photos. Leave a comment.



Oct.2204, extract from e-mail, June Elizabeth MacWilliam, ( now Liz Mellis ), British Columbia, Canada
"........  I must have a moan about NEWLANDS PUBLIC SCHOOL. I went inside it around 1992 or so and they have ruined the inside completely. I was just bummed out to see they had filled in all the beautiful open galleries which were open right to the rooftop skylights. When we were assembled in the gym hall each morning before classes, you could look right up through those lovely surrounding galleries to the very was an awesome sight for wee kids of 5 years old. The social work people just filled all that in I suppose for office space, but I don't see that the school was actually "saved" by those brave parents who looked up the Terms of the Gift from Lord Newlands in the first place. Everywhere I looked, lovely carved doors had been removed (yeah, somebody made a LOT of money) and replaced with cheap plywood doors, already warping with damp. I felt then it was disgraceful to do this to such an architecturally splendid interior. My mother was with me and she was quite stunned as well at how they had simply kept the outside shell and probably sold off the valuable interior fixtures. Ok, that's my moan for the night (well, it's night here as we're PST - 8 hours behind your GMT. "       See my 1960 class photo of 11yr olds.

July 2010, Jean Gardner Cole, Connecticut, USA

I love this site! Great job!  I attended Newlands Primary from 1933 until 1940. I was evacuated several times and went to many schools, but eventually returned to Riverside and graduated in 1942 at age 14...too young really but I couldn't wait to go to work! Silly me! Does anyone have any photos of school children from that period? 1933-1940? 
Strangely enough, I met  the man who was the Headmaster at Riverside in the 1980's, David Welsh. I met him in America where I now live. The Glasgow YMCA Wind Orchestra was coming to Worcester, Mass. and needed housing for the musicians. Imagine my surprise when I found out who my guest was! I remember with great fondness Mr. John Smith from Newlands, a wonderful teacher and human being. When I became a teacher myself, I modeled my style of teaching after his. 

Jean frae Parkhead.




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