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  Our Lady & St. Francis School  -  1951


Known locally as Charlotte Street School I fondly remember seeing the girls in their all brown uniform going to this know for all the years I lived in Brigton I never knew Charlotte St School's real name!!
Aug.2005 photo from Josephine Banner (nee Smith), California, USA.
Hi again Webmaister this is my secondary school photo Our Lady & Saint Francis 1951 
Josephine was born in 74 Rhymer Street Garngad, went to St. Roch,s primary and then to O.L.S.F. No.58 Charlotte St.  She would love to hear from anyone who remembers her or the family :D 

Top Row 1. 
5. Margaret Walsh
Mary McCall
3rd Row 1  teacher Mrs Alexander
2. Rosina McClure
4. Theresa Croal
2nd Row 1
5. Rose Madden
2. Alicia McMenemy
Monica Lavelle
10. Maureen Hughes
4.Josephine Smith
8 Anne Anderson
Front Row 1. 2. 3. Emily Rigley 4.
5. Kitty Farrell

 Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell.  

school colours brown/blue



Sept.2008, Emily Young (nee Rigley), Bermuda, USA
I went to Our Lady & St. Francis (Charlotte st) and the photo class of 1951 made me smile when I found it. I have some additions; 
Front Row # 3 Emily Rigley(that's me)  # 5 Kitty Farrell -
2nd Row # 10 Maureen Hughes  # 5 Rose Madden # 2 Alicia Mc Menemy
3rd Row # 2 Rosina McClure(next to teacher) # 4 Theresa Croal
If anyone remembers me send e-mail- would love to hear from you. I ran around the Garngad with Theresa Croal and she was a wild one - had a great time growing up. Now live in USA these past 44 years.

Oct.2010 Gabrielle Bricknell, Fife, Scotland
1951 Our Lady & St Francis photo ... 2nd row; number 8 is Anne Anderson and Number 9 is Monica Lavelle

Nov.2011 Mary McNally (nee Walsh), Glasgow, Scotland
I think I can put a name to one of the photographs it is Our Lady & St Francis school c1951 number 5 on the top row is Margaret Walsh (my older sister) I am sure it is her she would be 15 in 1951.  We lived at 151 Mordant Street in Bridgeton.   I came across your site when I was looking for a class photograph of my old school St Modans in Cranhill c 1956/57  Havent found one yet but will keep looking! 
March 2014, Maureen Hughes Barker , Kentucky, USA
Dear Webmaster - I believe the name of the 9th person on the top row is Mary McCall.
Thank you and best regards,   Maureen Hughes Barker...10th person on 2nd row.



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