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Queen Mary Street Primary School


Queen Mary Street


Queen Mary Street school building is now a nursery school 
and also houses various community groups. The janitor's house is closed.

St.Francis-in-the-east Church is the building to the left
extract from messageboard, Nov.2005, Donna Brown (nee Robertson), Glasgow. 
........Memories.... does anyone remember Miss Swan from Queen Mary St. school. and Mrs. Burgess, they were my favourites in the fifties, I loved xmas at school, when we did a play, and went to church St Francis s its still there, so is the school, I remember a Sandra Findlay, Ronnie Ralston, he was greetin' first day at school. the Hamilton sisters, toerags the two of them caused mayhem at school. and a distant cousin Janet Garth who came for a short time to our school from America, god she got treated like royalty, because of her accent and fancy clothes, she was so popular. that seems like a different world now, I passed the playground recently, thinking of the slides we made in the snow, and playing doublers against the wall, and in the shed when it was lashing, wish I could go back for one day. I visited it one time about ten years ago, and remembered the door stops on all the class doors, loved playing with them. oh the memories.

Email, May 2020,  Kathleen Bennet (nee Thomson). Age 73, Sydney, Australia.
I remember Miss Swan and Mrs Burgess also Miss Robertson, I thought Miss Swan was a movie star..
I think I started school August 52 just before my 5th birthday. 
The sweetie shop across the road I think Granny Mays ,penny drinks. sherbet, candy balls. Once started  I could go on forever.  Cheers Kathleen ,  I lived at 13 Bernard Street Bridgeton



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