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   Queen Mary Street School   Class of 1956 


Top Row 1. Miss Richmonds
2. John McMillan
7.  William Montgomery
3rd Row 1.
6. Robert Grier
3.  William McKnight
2nd Row  1.  Isobel McKechnie
Margaret Ross
Front Row 1.
5. Lynn Caldow
3. Margaret Russell
  Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or hiv a tale tae tell.  



Nov.2008, Isobel Irvine.
I was on the website and ive found a picture of my mum.  Its on the Queen Mary street primary 1956. We were wondering if we could get a copy of the photo as she does not have any old school photo's.  I seen on the site that donations are welcome, do you accept donations for photo's or do we have to purchase. Im not really sure how your site works.  Would be grateful for any help.

Her name is Isobel Irvine nee McKechnie.  She said the school was moved to dalmarnock primary at some point too, she went on to John Street Senior sec after that.
She is sitting  2nd row far left no1, right under the teacher with the cardi on.  It gave me a wee chuckle!  Thanks Isobel
Nov.2008, Margaret McKinlay nee Russell, Parkhead, Glasgow, aged 58
just found school photo can't believe it . queen mary st 1956 bottom row 3rd along don t remember anyone was only about 6 yrs.went to dalmarnock for year half travelled from castlemilk till school was built. stayed in marquis st till i was 7 do remember house single end .love this websight
Nov.2008, John McMillan, Glasgow, aged 59
 fantastic site brings back all the memories Ive seen myself and my best pal Robert Grier (deceased) 27 years now in a photograph 1956 Queen Mary st school the year I became the proud owner of a Davy Crocket hat there we are 6 years old and not a worry in the world.
           And then l saw my big sister Isabel way back in 1950 there she sits smiling away for the camera two photographs that I never knew existed so a heartfelt thank you to GlescaPals thanks for the memories as old Bob HOPE used too say its great too see so many names from the past all born BC (before computers) still alive and kicking
           I wonder though how many have still got all their own teeth after all them big caramel sweets on the penny tray were deadly in that wee shop facing the school gate help my boab iv just got a picture of 2 big wagon wheel biscuits in my mind aw too hell with the cholestral "Mary would you get the kettle on and Ill roll down to the shop" I never mind your little house on the praire give me that that old Tenement in Bridgeton any day (have to close now rose coloured glasses begining to mist over) all the best john & mary
Nov.2008, John McMillan, Glasgow
Webmaister thanks for E mail regarding QUEEN Mary street school photograph 1956
I think Teacher was Miss Richmonds may well be wrong but looking at that photo that name comes to mind she was great. 
Thats me 3RD ROW 5 along and 6 along is Robert Grier I think that also on 3rd row 3 along is William McKnight top row 7 along is William Montgomery other names i remember from that time may well be in this picture for they were in my class then and later on at Dalmarnock school till 1961 and then on to Bernard street school in 62 Wullie McNay James Kean, James Wilson, Ralph Russell, Mary Martin, Helen McTear, Helen Chalmers, John McBride,  John Gibson hope this is of some help to others.
I have no photographs at all of childhood so i think your website is fantastic webmaister
The Webmaister
Old blue eyes had the rat pack
that ancient DJ guys and gals
but Wull McArthur has beat them all
for he has GlescaPals.
all the best from John & Mary
Dec.2010, John McMillan, Glasgow, Age 61yrs
Just had another look back at my class photo on GlescaPals Queen Mary St 1956 as I dont have a single photo of childhood it was great to see my pals again Its been 41 years since I left Bridgeton when Mary and I got married we lost contact with everyone then jings crivens help ma bob on my 60th birthday the family bought me a laptop on the first night we stumbled on GlescaPals when they asked me "who would you like to contact"my cousin Alex says i maybe I could find out a wee bit family history what I never said of course is "I wonder what ever became of that girl i never had the nerve to ask out when i was 13" I have to add quickly here that
this was 4 years before i met the lovely Mary grovel grovel 
Well you never know she might read this Alex name nearly jumps out of the page at me and he gave me some family history same night I saw that school photo not only that got an e mail from that girl from way back after i put names to pupils in photo trouble was she did not remember me at all ah well thats life but the family had a laugh when it turns out her married name was same as my wifes maiden name hows that for the x files all that on the first visit to GlescaPals nothing since but I still look in every few days because its a fantastic website and i really enjoy it...... thank you Webmaister aw ra best JOHN & MARY

July 2016, Margaret Cormack (nee Ross), Age 67, Galashiels, Scotland
Hello, I wonder if you could put a name to me in the photo of Queen Mary Street School of the Class of 1956.
I am on the second row and third from the right. At that time my name was Margaret Ross.
Many thanks,  Margaret

July.2019, John McMillan, Glasgow, Age 70yrs
Hi  the Queen Mary st school class photo .1956  the Teacher was Miss Richmonds and beside her top row 2 was  JOHN MCMILLAN  not in   3 row 5 as in photo  that was my mistake when i sent  in names Wull    a few years back. but   it was a relative  who just saw photo  and noticed my mistake  thank you very much Wull for all your good work, without you I would never have a class photo in the first place  I have no other photos of childhood so it means a lot to me, thanks again all the best JOHN MCMILLAN

Thank you John, lovely to hear from you again, Regards, Webmaister                                                       


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