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Rumford Street Primary School  cc1956-57 Bridgeton, Glasgow


Back Row 1.TeacherMrsMckintosh
6  M    Dawson
2. John McCabe 
7  Janice Neil
3. Matt Gemmell
8  William Bucher
4.  Scott Thomson
9  George Paton
5. Jean Ferguson  
10 Alec Crawford
3rd Row 1. John Hunter
6 Robert Watson
2. Donna Glass 
7  Patricia Little
3.  Cathy Weir
8   Dawn Rose
4.  George Murray
9   Henry Watson
5.Margaret McGregor 
2nd Row 1. Maud Boyle
6  K  Kennedy
2.  Margaret Caldwell
7  Annette Gentle
3. Anne Mulheron
8  Helen Bird
4. R  Clarke 
9  Margaret Boyle
5. J  Irvine   
Front Row 1. Eric Stevenson
2. Richard Dobbs 
3. J  Thomson
4. Alec Caldwell 
6  William Blair
5. Gordon Watson  
7  John Dolan


October 2006.  This photo sent to me by Henry Watson, East Kilbride, Scotland.
".......... Great website I hope this photo and the 1955-56 school photo might stir a few memories.
Rumford Street school closed and became a store for the council we were all moved to Strathclyde School for our quali class, the teachers there included Miss McArthur, Mrs Carragher, Mr Maclennan and headmaster Mr Frew.
I then went to John Street Sen Sec school and the family again moved house to 2 MacKeith Street.
I attended Sunday School at the Hood memorial church and joined the 219th juniors BB but don't have fond memories, we paraded from Anson Street to the church next door..
I played in the Caledonian Accordion Band and remember Lulu singing in the Brigton Public Hall."



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