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  Rumford Street Primary School  Bridgeton, Glasgow


Rumford Street Primary School closed in December 1958, 
the land where the school stood is now a play area 
This is my big pal Jas, striding along......he attended Rumford Street School moving to Strathclyde Primary School aged five-and-a-half when the school closed its doors for the last time.
The 'modern' tenement building on the left behind the trees is Reid Street, where incidentally he was born, No.81 and I was born across the road at No.80 !
Any old school photos out there? 


Extract from e-mail, Dec 2002, Jim Turnbull, East Kilbride, Scotland. 
I attended Rumford Street Primary School from August 1958 until its closure in December. Thereafter we were moved to Strathclyde Primary. One of my memories of Rumford Street was the fact that my Ma came round at the morning playtime with a play-piece for me. Either a biscuit or a piece. She also brought a wee cup of tea instead of the ginger which I had when older. I also remember the wee bottles of milk we used to get at the school (free) and later when I was at Strathclyde it was great to be a milk monitor and carry round the crates of milk to the infant classes. 
Incidentally my mother and father also attended Rumford St.School in the 1920 and early 30s. My mother received a book in 1932 on the Poetical Works of Robert Burns for Excellency in Scottish Literature. This was donated by the Bridgeton Burns Club which is still in existence today."   
See his Turnbull family website                   



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