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 Riverside Senior Secondary School


Riverside Secondary School, 
Springfield Road, Dalmarnock 





...... the entrance that is shown in the photograph is not the original one. The proper entrance to the school was right in the centre, where there was  3 large windows, which were the art classrooms. The 2 archways referred to before were on either side of this central building. The one on the left was for boys. The male teachers had a small room on the upper corner of the building where the could have a smoke and a break.   Riverside School was the first school in Glasgow to have floodlights installed. 


School was demolished many years ago.... 

Springfield Road site of Riverside School 
Helenvale Street  high rise flats in the background.


School Blazer Badge

Riverside School log book 1933-1960 from Parkhead History website     
Riverside School memories from former pupil Peter Mortimer in Parkhead History            
May 2002, e-mail,  David Shaw, East Sussex
"Well done on your site and hope you can find more photos of the area. I came home to GLASGOW recently and was sad to see the street I was born in about to be demolished Millerfield Rd & Ardenlea St where I lived for 22 years!
I attended SPRINGFIELD PRIMARY and then RIVERSIDE (1961 - 1965) before leaving SCOTLAND in 1971. Over the years on visits home I couldnít believe what was happening to the whole area especially since I work in Architecture / Engineering!
I hope you can build up the photo section as it could become an important document in time."
May 2002, e-mail, Irvine Boal, Troon, Ayrshire
"I left Dalmarnock PS in 1956 and went on to Riverside School in Springfield Rd. (alas it is no longer there) I lived on the London Rd. at the tram stop adjacent to Fielden St. Thanks to Friends Reunited and this website old memories from the past are now flooding my mind. Will be more than happy to hear from anyone who knew me."
June 2002, e-mail, Graham Hutchison, Perth, Western Australia,
What an absolutely fantastic website. Since discovering it fairly recently, I can hardly stay away, what with old (and new) photographs, guestbook entries etc I have been swamped with waves of nostalgia. It is a long long time since I have been home.....
The really sad thing for me is that most of the major landmarks of my early life have gone.
1. The original Springfield primary school, gone.
2. Riverside Secondary school, gone.
3. William Wilkie in Fordneuk St where I served my apprenticeship, gone.
Maybe Iím jinxed, because even though most of Dunclutha St is still standing, would you believe that my close has apparently been demolished due to subsidence!"

Sept. 2002, e-mail,  Maureen McCallum, Connecticut, USA.
"I love this website, my sister found it , I can't believe Rivvy is gone it seems sad in a way, I just loved looking at the old photos, and reading the guestbook, memories were made that stay with you forever wherever life takes you, still have lots of family back home glad to say who keep me updated on all the changes"
Sept. 2002, e-mail,  Ian Smith, Oldham, England,
"I was born and bred in Bridgeton. I used to live at 587 Dalmarnock Road. I was in the Lifeboys if anybody remembers them! My mum used to work at the Denholm Bakery on Springfield Road and my dad worked at British Besto Basket Company. I went to Riverside School and also Springfield Road Junior school. I moved to Oldham in 1965 just after my dad died. If anyone remembers me please get in touch.
Cracking website by the way!!!!!
Oct. 2002, e-mail, Joan Mercer (nee Waugh), Seattle, USA.
I attended Riverside School 1954 best friends at Riverside Sec.School were, Mary Quinn, Margaret Scott, and Betty Spence. My favourite teacher was Mrs. Morris who taught us Art, I am not sure her feelings for me were the same, as I was full of mischief, but intended it all to be fun! After leaving school I worked in the Canda, {dresses} married Brian and have one son, Brian jr. {41yrs}and a 15yr old grandson. We all live in Seattle Wa. U.S.A.{26yrs} I just found out about this website a few days ago, I have had so much fun looking at old pictures, and reading other people's memories.....


Sept 2008, GlescaPal WilmaBaird, Hampshire, England
".....The huts were used as overspill classrooms, we had art and music in them that I can remember.
Also right at the back of the school on the Kempock St side the huts were the kitchens and the dining room. We had lovely dinners there because they were cooked on the premises and were fresh and hot, caramel cake and custard, coconut cake and pink custard Mmmmmmmmm happy days."
5 Nov.2009, GlescaPal James McKenna, East Kilbride
...............Soon to be no more it seems.
Since my old school Riverside Senior Secondary was demolished 24 years ago the site where it was has progressively become an eyesore. While on a bus going up Springfield Road this afternoon I see that the whole area is apparently being sealed off and there are dumpers everywhere. I was not aware that this was to be part of the Commonwealth Village for 2014. I thought that was to be confined to the other side of Springy Road where they demolished dear old Buddon Street, Gailes Street and deprived us of half Kinnear Road. Seems that was not enough. They should not be allowed to get away with this carnage. I mean what will become of these sites post 2014? I would rather I think the eyesore that the former Rivvy site had become continued than being deprived it seems of recollections of Rivvy. All we will have soon it seems are the photographs, the photographs of how it used to be. I see what is left of Kempock Street (which ran along the side of the Technical and Science class labs is still discernable but for how long I wonder?
Would make you sick it would."

Apr.2017,  Esther Boyd (nee McGreevy), Age 70.  Prestonpans, Scotland
I was born in Irvine Street in my Gran's house. Went  to Eastbank Primary then to Riverside School. Got married and lived in Blantyre for 40 years then to Prestonpans



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