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  Riverside Senior Secondary School 1954 ... 


Oct 2009. Gordon Clark , Saltcoats, Scotland.

Please find attached some school photos. I attended Newlands Primary and Riverside Secondary School. I would appreciate if you could post them on your website and invite any readers to complete the missing names. I have only just started with computers and my son in law has helped me send you this e-mail.


Top Row

1  Hugh Dougan
5. George Mann

2. Thomas Stevenson
6. Jim Dailly

3. David Lodge
7. Jim Barr

4. Tom McNeely
8. William Meechan

2nd Row Gordon Clark
  Jim Scarborough
2. Andrew McQuater
6. Jim Martin
3. William Robertson
7.  Jimmy Dixon
4. Gabriel Dunlop
8. George Brodie
9. Mr. Safty Simpson
Front Row 1     ?      Watson
   Harry McIntyre
2. Jim McAdam
6. Alex Hosie
3.  ? Monaghan
7. Wallace McLeod
4. Arthur Melrose
8. Davie Thompson
9. Wullie McDonald
 Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face, or have a tale to tell.


 See Gordon's school photos Riverside 1954, 1954 Fitba photo, Newlands School 1948
Oct.2009, Arthur Melrose (Arty), Glasgow
Webmaister the missing names on the 1954 school photograph at Riverside are as follows,
top row number4 tom mcneely, 2nd row number 6 jim martin
front row number 1 ? watson 2 jim macadam 8 davie thompson 9 wullie macdonald
this is the first time i have seen this photograph,i am 4th from left in front row,and did you know gordon clark was on rangers books when he was 16?    
GlescaPal arty



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