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   Riverside Senior Secondary School   c1959-60             Page1  page2  page3 

June 2015, Tom Kubie, Leeds, England (former teacher)
The pictures were taken in 1959 or 1960 as I joined Riverside in circa October 1958.  I hope that the classroom photographs are of good enough quality to scan; they were processed in the school's photographic club which I ran for some time and was an after hours event.

rvs c1959-60


Top Row

2. Robert McLaren

3. Bruce Mitchell

4. Robert Sheilds
6. James Meechan
5. Ian MacDonald
7. Willie Whitelaw
3rd Row 1. Teacher Mr.Kubie 2.  Jim Trainer
3. David Hunt
7. John Dixon
4. Walter McNaught
8. Arthur Riddoch
5. Lesley Kennedy Dinnet
2nd Row   1. Jim Findlay
2. Doreen McLean
8. Jean McIntyre
9. Ian King
Front Row 1. Jim McLaren
3. John Longridge
4. 5. Bobby Drummond
6. Charles McLeish
           Please contact the Webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale to tell about these photos.  


June 2015, from GlescaPals facebook, Ronnie McPhee, London, England
.A great photograph, Webmaister, where are they all now I wonder, my wife Jessie (nee Blackburn) remembers 'wee Kubie" as to her surprise he gave her an excellent maths exam mark. She left Bernard Street School in 1961.
June 2015, from GlescaPals facebook, Julie A Trainer, Glasgow, Scotland
I've just looked at your picture of Riverside only to find my Husband Jim Trainer standing next to Mr Kubie x
June 2015, from GlescaPals facebook, Bill McLaughlin
I would never have got in any of his photies. Think I was too much of a bad boy for him, thought he was helluva heavy handed with the belt!
July 2015, email, Ian King, Crieff, Scotland. Age 69
I remember Mr Kubie, Good with the belt but fair, A very good teacher.  I have put some names to the class, A lot of them from Camlachie Primary.
Top Row 2-Robert Mclaren 4-Robert Shields 6-James Meechan 7-Willie Whitelaw.           
3rd Row 3-David Hunt 7-John Dixon 8-Arthur Riddoch.
2nd Row 8-Jean Mcintyre 9 Ian King.
Front Row 2-Jim Mclaren 3-John Longridge 5-Bobby Drummond 6-Charles Mcleish.
I remember the other classmates, but as it was 55 years ago struggling with names, I hope they have all done well in life.
{I will add further names if memory improves}
Webmaister: many thanks Ian for the names and for your donation towards my work in GlescaPals

Aug 2015, email, Bruce Mitchell, Glasgow, Scotland. Age 69
Recognised the majority of faces ... but here are a few the site
Top Row 3. (self) Bruce mitchell  5.Ian Macdonald      
3rd Row 4.Walter McNaught,  5.Lesley Kennedy Dinnet ( spelling could be wrong ). He always used his full name.
2nd Row 1.Jim Findlay  2.Doreen McLean
I met Walter in later years he was a police officer, also on another occasion Ian Macdonald and he was an architect  


rvs bowlers

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