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 Riverside Senior Secondary School   1963 class 1a

 Riverside school got floodlights installed in 1963, the first Glasgow school to do so.


Oct 2002 George Higgins, Canada.   "This was a picture of the boys of class1A in 1963, I am third row number 5"


Top Row
1 Robert Bowman
2. John Smith
Jim Running
3. Gary O'Brian
4. Graham Anderson
3rd Row
1  David Cooke
George Higgins
2. Craig Ranachan
6. Billy Crocket
3. John Ross 
7. Gerry Curran
4. Alex Hudson
2nd Row
1  Leslie  Testoe
5. Robert Goodall
2. Billy McIntyre
6. James Knox
3. Andy MacMillan
7. Douglas Taylor
4. Allan Steel
Front Row 1. James Testoe
5. Alan Fraser
2. George Docherty 
John Caldwell
3. Alex Kennedy.
John Burke
4. Bobby Cassidy.
8. Scot Bridges
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Sept 2003, Extract from Guestbook Allan Steel, East Kilbride, Scotland (Age 51-60) (email tba)
" hello everybody,good to hear Cookie and Solly (Ross) are well.some other names : 
top2 john smith (smiddy) ; top3 gary obrian (the plook) ; top4 graham anderson ; 
3rdrow 6 billy crockart ;
2ndrow1 leslie testoe ; 6 james knox ; 7 douglas taylor ;
frtrow1 james testoe ; 5 alan fraser ; 7 john burke (turkey):
still in touch with andy mcmillan wonder if george higgins swiss cottage clock still works !

June 2003, Extract from Guestbook, David Cooke, Ontario, Canada (Age 51-60) (email tba)
"Love the site, I went to Riverside School and can identify a number of people from the 1963 class 1A photograph.....Top1.Robert Bowman, Row3-1.David Cooke, 7. Gerry Curran
Row2-3.Andy MacMillan, 4.Alan Steele, 5.Robert Goodall

June 2003, Helen Ross (nee Cairney), London, England (GlesgaPal Nell)
I can put some more names to the faces on Riverside School Photo Class 1A 1963.
Top Row  3. Ian Cunningham ? 5. George Maitland (Panda) 6. Ian Ferguson
3rd Row.  2. Craig Ranachan 3. John Ross (My Husband)
2nd Row  1. Cant remember first name but there were two brothers called Testoe the other one is 1st 
                    left in front row. 7. Gordon Taylor
Front Row 1. the other Testoe brother. 2. George Docherty (Podgy). 3. Alex Kennedy. 
                 4. Bobby Cassidy. 6. John Caldwell and 7. Robert Cash ???
My husband John Ross remembers George Higgins very well and also David Cooke, his mate was Allan Steel (Speedy). I hope this might jog someone's memory and we can between us fill in all the blanks."

June 2005, Mary Hudson, Glasgow, Scotland  (GlesgaPal Maryjane)
........3rd row position 4 is my husband Alex Hudson he is absolutely over the moon as he has not got a school photo of himself and is dain my heid in tae get in touch with you to get his name oan it...........
Sept. 2008, Jim Running, Carluke, Scotland.  (GlesgaPal Jimbo)
.Congratulations on this website it really is fantastic, I'v no long discovered it and am just stumbling through it like a good Brigton man will! Can I please leave a couple more names for Riverside 1963 class 1a.
Top row no.5 is Alex Maitland no.6 is me Jim Running (Runnin Bear to everbody!) Don't remember an Ian Ferguson.
2nd row no.2 is Billy Mcintyre who became my best pal for many years.
Front row no.8 was Scot Bridges.
Thank you very much I think I could get hooked on this computer stuff!

April 2014, Jim Morrison, Scotland
.Dear webmaister, regarding riverside senior secondary school photo of 1963 class 1a front row number 5 Alan Fraser or fraj as he was better known to his friends sadly passed away on 26th march 2014. I spent many a happy times having a few pints with him in the Albany bar in dalmarnock road in the early seventies when we both played for the darts team. Fraj was an easy going and a nice lad although I hadn't seen him for many years it was still a shock to hear of his untimely passing, sad loss.



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