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Riverside Senior Secondary School   c1963/4 girls class



Top Row

1 Jose Fleming 2  Alexis Grant 3  Jalena McIntyre 4  Margaret Kelly
5  Janette Johnston
4th Row   1  Betty McLeod 2  Susan McAlpine 3  Margaret McEwan
5  Lillian Harris
4  Anne McCall
6  Jean Humphries
3rd Row   1 Teacher Mr.Dickson 2  Kathleen O'Keefe
5  Jessie Wotherspoon
3  Helen Speirs
6  Margaret Smillie
4  Irene Masson
7  Kathleen McGhee
2nd Row   1  Sheila McKendrick
5  Linda Palmer
2  Catherine Hamilton
6  Linda Glass
3  Wilma Dalziel
7  Eileen Wright
4  Irene McMeeking
8  Ruby Hamilton
9  Margot Connolly
Front Row . 1  Catherine Ness 2  Avril Knox 3  Wilma Stewart


June 2008, GlescaPal Wilma Baird (nee Dalziel), Gosport, England
 "Webmaister  enclosed is a class photo from Riverside school I'm not sure of the date but it must be around 1963/64. All the names are listed, I would be most grateful if you could put it on the website for me. Thank you for this fantastic website please keep up the good work"
"I have only just discovered this site and it is FANTASTIC. Liked the "alternative" memories, looking back it was quite horrendous living in the tenements but at the time we didn't know any different, as Billy Connolly would say they were like vertical villages, knew all the neighbours and everyone looked out for everyone else. My sweetie memories were the penny tray, rhubarb rock and lucky potatoes. I went to Springfield primary and Riverside secondary schools, lived in Dalmarnock, Summerfield St. then moved to Corbett St. Tollcross around 1963,  My first job was in Templetons carpets. left Scotland in 1969. Family still in Glasgow so still visit."    Wilma Baird

Sept 2014, John Lennon, Age 67, Newark, California, USA                                          
My cousin Susan McAlpine may be pictured in your 1963 Riverside school. Is there any way to track her down as we have not been in contact for 47 years.


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