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  Riverside Senior Secondary School c1972-73 Fitba team 



1. John Conn
2. Brian Ballantyne
       (big B)
3. John Strang
4. David Skinner
5. Jim  McMoran
6. Robert Mitchell
7. Alan  Howard


1. 2. Rab  Blaney 3. Jim Ralston 4. Andy Keenan 5. George  Daly


 Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face, or have a tale to tell.


Oct.2010, Extract from email John Conn
hello, stumbled upon your glescapals, fantastic; looking at riverside fitba 72 I can fill in a few names for the photo. top  (myself alias alfie) ( brian ballantyne alias big B) ( john strang alias JAB) (david skinner alias dan) ( jim mcmorn alias jimmpy) (robert mitchell alias titch)    bot row  andy keenan, i can remember all the faces in this picture very well except the boys far right on the top row and the first on the bottom will continue to look thru the site when i stop crying.
Not seen Andy in over 27 years. Myself, Andy, George, Jim, Brian and Jimpy all played In 1974, a five a side tournament run by the Glasgow Police. We won the Glasgow East district tournament which was played at Celtic training ground and got to the final which was played at Firhill, unfortunately we lost 2 -1 and Tommy Docherty who was then the Scottish manager gave us our medals.





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