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Springfield Rd. Primary School   1958  7yr olds   



Extract from e-mail, Linda McCririck (nee Thompson), Feb.2003

 "This photograph was taken at Springfield Road Primary, approx 1957/58.  Does anybody recognise anyone," 
Top Row 1. Teacher Miss Yuill
5.  Robert Adams
6. Douglas Low
7  Jim Stewart
4. Jim Kelly
3rd Row 
1. Robert Burton
6. Linda Thompson 
3. Carol Palmer
7  Margaret McGeachy
4. Jeanette Willox
9. Jim Sproul
2nd Row
1. Thomas Boyle
2. John Murray
Margaret Stevenson
3. Margaret Crann
7. Moira Rooney
8.   Muriel Boyd
10. John Skinner
Front Row 1. Jim Morrison 2. Alan Ballard 3. Eddie Neilly 4. Charles 
  Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or hiv a tale tae tell.



Extract from e-mail, Jim Maxwell,  Feb.2003

"Hi, Springfield Rd School photo 1958 my brother Thomas Boyle is the one in the 2nd row #1."
Extract from e-mail, Ed Neilly, Apr.2005
Teacher Miss Yulle,     Third Row. 1. Robert Burton 4. Jeanett Willox,  
Second Row. 2. John Murray,      Front Row. 1. Jim Morrison 2. Allan Ballard 3. Eddie Neilly 
All their faces are in my memory, but trying to remember their names?? Yours Eddie Neilly
Extract from e-mail, Nov.2006, Jim Stewart
For your info, Springfield Rd Primary Class Photo 1958, Top row No 7 is myself Jim Stewart

Extract from e-mail, Aug.2007, Muriel Smillie (nee Boyd)

Hi, we went to Cuba on holiday and met a couple from Bridgeton who now stay in Canada.
They told me about this web site, which I must say is fab. Went to Springfield Road school and went into photo for 1958. I am in the second row No8, third from the end. My name is Muriel Boyd. Can you please add this to the photo.

Thanks,  Muriel Smillie (Boyd)

Extract from e-mail, June 2009, Margaret Stevenson
"......I found the site by accident, very good, also found to my surprise, myself margaret stevenson on the springfield road primary school 1958 class photo 2nd row number six,  I now live in england and wondered if it was possible to buy a copy of the photo to show the kids and grand kids all the best margaret 
Extract from e-mail, March 2011, Jim Morrison, Dunbartonshire
Dear webmaister, just came across my old school photo from springfield road primary school 1958 and all the old memories came flooding back, (was it really that long ago). I think I can supply a few of the missing names in the photo, top row teacher miss yuill, no5 robert adams 3rd row no3 carol palmer no7 margaret mcgeachy no9 jim sproul 2nd row no3 margaret crann no7 moira rooney no10 robert skinner, I hope this information is of use to you, keep up the great work it"s much appreciated, yours, jim morrison.
Extract from e-mail, July 2011, Mrs M. Mulligan (nee Skinner), Glasgow, Scotland
Found a photo of my brother taken in 1958 when he was 7 yrs old. He's on the far right (number 10 I think that position is) of the second row. You Have Robert Skinner but the proper name is John Skinner. He will be 60 this year.
I hope it is not to much bother to correct this error. Robert Skinner is our cousin but is a least 10 years younger than my brother.   thankyou Mrs M Mulligan

Email, Aug.2020, Jim Kelly, Age 69, Thurso, Scotland
Top row 4 is Jim Kelly and 6 is Douglas Low


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