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   St. James Primary School  1959


       photograph sent to me Oct.2005 by  John Glen  Auckland, New Zealand


Back Row 1. Derek Smith
2. Frank Young
7  John Harvey
3. Gordon Wilson
8.  John Glen
4.  Tam Perry
10  Andrew
11 William Prentice
3rd Row 1. Katherine Pauline #
2.  Aleisha Murray
3.  Ann? McCauslin
8   Rena Barbara
9   Susan Thyme
10.Jennifer Cartlidge
2nd Row 1. 
2. Alicia May Murray
3. Elizabeth Elder
4. Ann Lavelle
10. Belle White
11. Linda Stewart
1.  2.  3.  Wullie Sharpe
4. David Fletcher
6  Michael McCann
5.  Raymond Harris


Photo of the original cover from this photograph


 Mar.2009 John Glen, Auckland, New Zealand 

Webmaister, some time ago at my request you added St James school (1959) photo to your website. Could you please enter the names as listed in the relevant naming boxes? This would be much appreciated. 

I feel I should know more & hopefully will, once to old brain cells slowly get in to gear. Thanks, John

 Mar 2009 Raymond Harris (email),  Oxfordshire
ear Webmaister, re 1959 St James school pic I have just furnished John Glen with some names for this picture, could you please include my name, I am Raymond Harris no.5 in the front row.
I love to look through the website whenever I feel homesick it certainly cheers me up ..
Aug.2012,  John Glen, Auckland, New Zealand 
Hi Webmaister,  Could you please add three more names to St James Primary School (1959) photo?
# In particular I am keen to have Katherine Pauline's name added; soon after this photo was taken sadly she was run over & killed by a lorry. (Just outside the school gates) The girl on the 3rd row on the left is Katherine Pauline.
On the same row on the far right at the end is Jennifer Cartlidge (Katherine's best friend) Elizabeth Elder is in the second row, third from the end.
Feb.2014,  John Glen, Auckland, New Zealand 
Hi Webmaister,  I have been contacted by old school friends, who spotted a couple of things: Could you please add / change a couple of names on the 1959 St James primary school photo?
Elizabeth Elder should be third from the left second row (Not number 9) also Can you add 'Michael' (McCann) to front row number 6 (McCann)    Thanks & kind regards, John
Feb.2014,  Anne Lavelle (via John Glen)
“hi John we were friends – I am the 4th girl on the 2nd row – my name then was Anne Lavelle – the 2nd from end on the second row was Isobel White (Belle) – my very best friend at that time – girl no 2 on the 2 nd row was Alicia May Murray also one of my best friends – last girl on second row was Rose-Anne Campbell – last boy on top row I think was William Prentice – how nice what memories xxxx”
( Oct 2020 a different name given for girl 2nd Row No.11, Webmaister)

Oct.2020,  Jamie Davidson
Hi my mum is Linda Davidson, maiden name Stewart, the last girl on the 2nd row. She has been mistaken for Rose anne Campbell and just thought I would put her out there .

March.2021,  Kathie McCue (nee Fletcher) age 70, Oshawa Canada
Hi just found this page and what do you think my wee brother David fletcher first row number 4 he sadly passed away at the age of 55 but what a picture to find thank you so much could you please put his name on the page.
Thank you so much it was great to see it, my Dad had a pub on Stevenson St but cant find much on it it was called the Clock Bar in the early 70s
stevenson street
I have added a 1950s map which shows the Clock Bar..... webmaister.
June.2021, email,  Ian Wilson, Age 66, Glasgow, Scotland
Kathie McCue........... I remember your dad's pub known locally as the 'big Noke' I also worked with your brother David as a welder in This Neil in the old sweetie work in Claythorn Street.
My wife is 1st in the 3rd row and my late brother Gordon is 3rd in the back row.

June.2021, email,  Geraldine Monaghan, Burnside, Scotland
Hi Webmaister of GlesgaPals  My young brother Derek Smith is pictured in this photo top row first in unfortunately he was killed in 1974 motor bike accident but it was nice to see a picture of him.
I also remember John Glen and Wullie Sharpe , Reena Barbour. They stayed in the same street were we grew up and their brothers and sisters, were in my class also.



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