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  St Mary's RC Primary School        c1951    9yr olds


July 2008, Photograph from Jack Dougall

Top Row 1. Patricia Milligan
5.  Marie Hart
9. Nancy Kerrigan
2.  Agnes Madden
6.  Moira McGuiness  
Theresa Potter
3.  Joan Edgar
Anne Nolan
4.  Cathy Johnstone
Maureen Dougan
12 Evelyn Love
Third Row 1.  May Ward
Carol Connoly
Betty Hewitt
2.  Anna McAllister
6.  Maureen Lynch
10  Beatrice McMillan
3.  Mary McCarthy
7   Evelyn Murphy
11  Kathleen Fox
4.Josephine McNamarra
8. Ann Hughes
Second Row 1.  Christine Bennet
5.  Cathy McLean
2.   Kay Deary
10  Marion McEnroe
3.   Maureen Healy
7    Ann Boyd
Patsy Smith
4.  Wilma McManus
8.   Joan Murray
Front Row 1.  2. Betty Hanlon 3.  Ellen .
  Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face.  


July.2008, extract from e-mail, Jack Dougall, Beith Ayrshire
Hi Webmaister, I would be pleased if you would include the attached pic on your glescapals Schools section.
St. Mary's Primary 1950 (8 yrs) or 1951(9 yrs),
back row- 1, Patsy Smith, 2  Agnes Madden,  3  Joan ? , 8  Maureen Dougan, 10 Theresa Potter, 11 Anne Nolan
3rd row - 1, May Ward, 2,  Anna ?, 3 Mary ?, 4  Josephine McNamarra, 5  Carol Connoly, 9  Betty Hewitt;
2nd. row - 11, Patsy Smith;  front row - centre, Betty Jackson; 
PS my wife is May Ward

Jan.2010 extract from e-mail, Gayle Parker, Wales
on looking at your class photo from St Marys Primary year 1951, my mother Elizabeth wroe hanlon is in the middle of the front row, but have added the wrong name. you have included betty jackson when it should be betty hanlon.
Apr.2011 extract from e-mail, Anne Ihle,
message: Hi, i would like to inform you that on the St Mary's RC primary school photo in 1951 the first girl on the top left is my mother Patricia Milligan thank you.
Aug.2011 extract from e-mail, Maureen Dougan
St Mary's Primary Class of 1951, lots of names from Maureen Dougan who is in the photograph

Mar.2012 extract from e-mail, Pauline Rock
e-mail: message: What a great website, i found a picture of my mum St Marys primary school c1951 she is on row 2 number(10) she is listed as Marion Mckintosh but her surname was Mcenroe.. i showed her the picture she was amazed and it brought back so many memories for her, thank you so much xxx


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A lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web
for family and friends to enjoy



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