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   St Michael's R.C. Primary School   Parkhead  c1962  


St. Michael's Infants R.C School

Only one log book is available for the school but it only covers a short period prior to closure in 1974.

It would appear that the infantís school was established circa 1947 and closed in 1974 but we think it may have opened earlier than 1947.  The following gives some of the staff who served the school which we are sure will be rembered by some.

School:   St. Michael's Infants R.C. School
Year:      1947 & 1948
Address: 1346 Gallowgate, Parkhead, E. 1
Primary : Grade IV
Head Teacher:    Annie McKillen
Assistant Head: Teacher(s)   
The school first appears in the Glasgow Directories in 1901-1902 and was located in Nisbet Street, Parkhead.  The school was transferred to the Education Authority in 1918 and the following records show the progression through the years.

In 1933 the school is shown as having an annexe in Elba Lane which was on the south side of the Gallowgate approximately where the present St. Michaelís Church stands.

The school appears to have been in existence in Nisbet Street since 1901-1902 through to 1960-1961 and in 1961-1962 was in Elba Lane before moving to 865 Springfield Road in 1962-1963.

Apr.2020, email, Hugh Mowat, age 66, Ayr, Scotland.
I attended St.Michael's when I moved to Easterhouse in 1962, I'd have been 8 at the time. All the schools in Easterhouse were full hence the travel every day to Parkhead. My teacher was Mr. Flynn and I loved my time there. The only classmates I can remember were Madeline Smith, James Foy and Stan Danilewski. My neighbour and friend used to go to Newlands at the same time. I remember going to St.Michael's Church too when it was in Salamanca Street. I remember it being a very poor parish.

   St.Michael's Primary School c1962

St Michaels c1962

Back Row 1. Joe Speirs 2.

3. John Rush
7. Martin Duffy
4.  Denis McCourt
8.  Terry Frew
5. James McGuiness
9. Patrick Mallon
4th Row 1. Derek Blaney
2.  ? Ritchie
6. Paul Barclay

3. Tommy Kerr
7. Thomas Clinton
8. Willie Murray
5. Michael Scanlon
9. Mr. Dawson
3rd Row 1.  2. Julie

3.  Ruth

6. Matilda Fagan
Liz Hunter
2nd Row 1. Margaret Carson
2. Margaret Green

7. Sandra
5. Marion McQuade
1. ........ Gallagher
2. Willie Howarth
      or Henderson?
3. John Grimes
4. Andrew Turnbull


 Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell.  


March 2015. Photo sent in by Terry Frew, Glasgow, Scotland
Terry sent me this old photo of the c1962 class of St.Michael's Primary School. Terry lost his own copy of the photo many years ago and he would like to thank Ann McGuiness for kindly gifting him this photograph, that belonged to her late brother James, who sadly passed away when only 24 yrs old. (James is top row No.5).
Terry lived at Invernairn Street, Parkhead and James lived in Dunbar Street, Parkhead until they both moved to Millerfield Place in Dalmarnock, at the same time. The catchment area for Dalmarnock was Sacred Heart School in Bridgeton and both Terry and James moved school and were in the same class at Sacred Heart Primary.

July 2015. email, Paul Barclay, Age 61, Glasgow, Scotland
I am in that picture, No 6 in the fourth row (with the specs). I remember James McGuinness and Terry and most of those in the picture.
We lived at 1252 Duke street and moved to Garthamlock when I was nine. We then moved to Kirkintilloch when I was 13. My sister RENA was 15 months younger than me and also went to St Michael's. The Parish priest at that time was Fr Michael O'Connell. He was also our parish priest in Kirkintilloch.
In the school pic, next to me is Thomas (Clinton?). Row three Nos 2 and 3, possibly Julie and Ruth (no surnames). Row two No 1 is Margaret Carson I think with Sandra No 7. Front row (l-r) Gallagher, Willie Henderson (I thought) Joe Grimes and Willie Turnbull. I remember Marion McQuade and Margaret Green. I never met any of them again. Also, I'm sorry to learn about James's death. His family took me on a run to relatives in Cambuslang round about the time of the photo. His dad drove a large van for work. Thanks.

Jan 2016. email,  Terry Frew, Glasgow, Scotland
Thanks for your info Paul. I knew Willie Howarth in secondary school, Willie Henderson was the Rangers player.
Much of my info is from memory but also from the names listed by James on the back of his photo.
It is definitely John Grimes and Andrew Turnbull. Front row 3 & 4

July 2017. email,  Paul Barclay, Age 63, Glasgow, Scotland
 Thanks Terry. Going by my memory, I would definitely say it was Joe Grimes. We probably called Willie Howarth "Henderson" as a nickname as the Rangers player Willie Henderson was around at that time. Also, Sandra is No. 8 in the second row, not 7. What ever happens to them all?

A lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web
for family and friends to enjoy



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