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Strathclyde Primary School  Bridgeton, Glasgow  c1950


Back Row 1 Jean Will ? 2 Duncan Mazero 3 Joseph Hill 4 5 Ronald Bonnar
6  Billy Orr 7  John Russell 8  Eliz Henderson 9 10
3rd Row 1  Mamie Douglas 2  Gordon Elliot 3 4  Rbt McQuattie 5
6 7 8 9 10  James McGowan
11  Doreen Inglis
2nd Row 1 Norma Grummet 2  Margt Stevenson 3  Janet Bain 4 Robina Curdie
5  Eileen Clark
6  June Sweeney 7  Moira Muldoon 8  Pearl Cross 9 10
Front Row 1  Janet Knox 2  Mhari McEwan 3  Isobel 4  Lilias Henry 5
6  Esther Atkins


Oct.2011 ..... Three school class photographs given to me by Derek Burt, the son of Lilias Burt (nee Henry).
                       Strathclyde School c1950, c1956 and Riverside Secondary c1960b

May 2021 email, Robina Curdie, Age 74, Pennsylvania Country, USA
Hi, Second row number 4 Robina Curdie . Thank you.




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