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  Strathclyde Primary School  Class of 1959  5/6yr olds, Teacher Mrs. Forrest


 June 2002. Jim Turnbull sent in this class photograph.  
Extract from e-mail, Jim Turnbull, East Kilbride, Scotland. 
I went to Strathclyde school 1959-1965 and spent many happy years there before moving on to John St. Secondary School. The old pictures of Strathclyde school are absolutely brilliant, well done it's a great website and thanks for allowing other Bridgeton schools there place on it."  See his Turnbull family website


Top Row
1. Walter Gillan
4. Robert Robertson
2. Jim O'Conner
5. David Reilly
3. Jim Turnbull   BB photos
6. James Logue
4th Row
1. Ian Gemmell
4. Alan McGill
2. Jim Dunlop
5. George McEwan
3. Hugh Scott
6. James Kerr
3rd Row 

1. Norman Gray
4. June Williamson
7. Valerie Robinson
2. Elizabeth McCulloch 
5. Margaret Hanlon
8. Teacher Mrs Forrest
3. Ann Warnock
6. Janice Pitcairn
2nd Row
1. Catherine
4. Christine Love 
7. Margaret Frew
2. Margaret Campbell
5. Linda Jack
3. Elizabeth Forsyth
6. Florence McKay
Front Row
1. John Telfer 
4. Robina Foster
7. Samuel Royle
2. Ann Horn
5. Marion Johnstone
3. Sandra Boyle
6. Margaret Kyle
  Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale to tell.  


webmaister : "What a memory Jas, just about every name in the class."  I went to John St School the same time as this fellow but we only became pals roundabout 1971 when we met in Bridgeton Telephone Exchange. We struck-up a real bond with each other, became officers in the 219 BB and have been good pals ever since. He is married to Agnes they have 3 daughters and a son....and he is a Granda!!!     P.S. your a right wee grumpy in the photo!
March 2003, Email , George McEwan, England,  (email tba)
"That's me 4th row no. 5, my mother has this photograph in an album!"
Aug.2005, Email   "Hi I'm marion johnstone I am in the front row of this class of 1959 no 5."
Jan 2016, Email , Moira Rymer (nee Reid), Skegness,  England,
HELLO my name is moira rymer nee reid I was at Strathclyde school  in 1959 but don't recognize myself in the photos my best friend in  class was Margaret Kylie  who is in the photo of 1959 I used to live at 110 French street Bridgeton before moving to castlemilk when I was 10. I'm now 62 and a gran of 3 beautiful boys what a brilliant site  you have THANKS


Jun 2007, GlesgaPal Henry Watson
 ".....this photo c1959 was taken in the the back playground at Strathclyde Primary school. Henry Watson is holding the ball......well it's his ba'............."


A lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web
for family and friends to enjoy



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