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 Thomson St. Primary School  c1976-77      


Top Row 1.  Mrs Dickson
5.  Stewart Holdsworth
3.   Robin Barton
4. Michelle Allen
2nd Row 1.
Mark Chambers
Duncan Brown
8   Owen Murray
Front Row 1.
2.  Jane Walker
4.. Deborah Hood
8    Gillian Sawers
12. Laura Harvey

      Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or hiv a tale tae tell  


Extract from email Oct.2007, Pauline Coleman
Dear Mr McArthur. While I was browsing through your website I came across the Thomson Street Class photo of 1976/77 & I recognised one of the pupils who happens to be my ex-husband.  Top row number 3( second child from teacher). His name is Aaron Hutchison. He is now 40 & lives in Bridgeton. I hope this is of help to you.  
Regards. Pauline Coleman.  ( see below)

4th Sept.2009, Craig Sawers
Hi There, I was just going through your great website and came across an old class picture from Thomson St Primary School 76/77 and I couldnt help but notice that the lady who sent in the picture cant have a very good memory, as the boy she says is her husband, well, isnt. His name is Robin Barton and I should know because the girl in the front row (5th from the left) is my little sister Gillian Sawers who is 5 years younger than Aaron Hutchison who I also ran around with

While I'm on my high horse I'll just fill in a couple of the missing names 

From left, Top:  (Teacher) Mrs Dickson, 3rd Robin Barton,  3rd Michelle Allen (who is now bra tycoon Michelle Mone), 5th Stewart Holdsworth

               Mid: 8th Owen Murray

               Front: 2nd Jane Walker, 4th Deborah Hood, 8th Gillian Sawers, end of row Laura Harvey 

Thank you for your time and for printing the picture. Keep up the good work!  Craig Sawers ( names added 21stOct.09 )

10th Sept.2009, Craig Sawers  
"What happened to my update to your picture of thomson st. school, or is your website only catering to those of a "brigton" persuasion"?

11th Sept. 2009, Webmaister, GlescaPals website

Tut tut nae need for the sly comment. 

IF my website was only for those of the ‘brigton’ persuasion then your sister's school photo wouldn’t be on my website in the first place, would it?    
1. I do this is my own free time     2. I have a backlog of hundreds of emails    3.  


9th Dec.2009, Craig Sawers  
Sorry chum, yer right, there was nae need for that. Yer doin a smashin job and yer website is comin on a treat
Aw the best for the future

Nov.2010, Robert Paterson
Re the school photograph from Thomson Street Primary 1975, middle row in the centre is my nephew, then known as Mark Chambers, now Mark Will as his mother re-married. He is now married with 2 beautiful daughters and stays in Bellshill.
number 10 in the same row was a wee lad called Duncan Brown who used to reside in Thomson Street opposite the school, present location unknown

11th Jan.2011, Lillian Brown
Hi there, I was just having a look through your website and came across the school photo from Thompson Street primary-1976/77. The 10th child on the 2nd row, Duncan Brown is my uncle, he now stays in England and has 2 beautiful daughters. Thanks for uploading such pictures, there an absolute joy to come across. Best regards, Lillian Brown


A lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web
for family and friends to enjoy



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