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Tureen Street Primary School    Calton, Glasgow  
    primary 1 class of c1945-46



Back Row 1        Sheppard

3 Jim Bridges
4. Rab MacLelland
6. Pat McCusker
5 Jim Rennie
Third Row 1 teacher Mr 2   George Muir
6.Billy Campbell
4 John Kousourou
5. Danny McLaren
8 teacher Mr
1 2 3 4 Miss Blackley
5. May Thomson
Front Row 1 Frieda McNeil 2. Marjorie Scott
6. Cathy McKelvie
7. Eliz. Sellars
4. Julia Crawford
5. Matt Hanley
9. Betty Findlay

contact the Webmaister if you have a name or have a tale tae tell


Oct.2012, Jim Rennie
I am fifth from left on top row. Only other ones I can remember are Robert Rankin kneeling at front and Freda
McNeil seated bottom left. They lived in the same close as me at 4 Tureen St.
We moved to Pollok in1947 so cant remember ever seeing any of them again.
May 2013, Jack Dougall (GlescaPal Weeger), Beith, Ayrshire
Webmaister, back row 4- Rab MacLelland. A mate of mine now living (hopefully) in Canada. I've just e-mailed him to contact you if he can add any more names. Unfortunately, the last time I tried to contact him, there was no reply. Anyway, fingers crossed he's o.k
Dec.2014, Robert (Rab) MacLelland, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Aged 75
I believe No. 3 Back row is Jim Bridges who lived at the corner of Claythorn St. and Moncur St. Also No. 6 back row is Pat McCusker who Lived across from the school in Tureen St.

Feb.2015, John (Kousourou) McInnes, Glasgow, Scotland, Aged 74
I was interested to see the photo of Tureen Street Primary class of 1945-1946 and the contribution of James Rennie. I can also give you the names of some more of the pupils. I was in that class. My dad was a Greek Cypriot and at that time I was known as "Wee Johnny Kousourou". My classmates couldn't pronounce that name so when my dad flew the coop 2 years later I changed my name to my mother's and since then I've been known as John McInnes.
  Back Row - 1. ? Sheppard  2. ?  3. Jim Bridges  4. Rab MacLelland 5. Jim Rennie 6. Pat McCusker  7. ?
  Third Row - 1.  Teacher ? 2. George Muir 3. ? 4. John Kousourou (McInnes) 5. Danny McLaren 6. Billy Campbell 7. ? 
Second Row - 1. ? 2. ?  3. ? 4. Teacher Miss Blackley  5. May Thomson  6. ?  7. ?
  Front Row - 1. Frieda McNeil 2. Marjorie Scott 3. ? 4. Julia Crawford 5. This wee boy is listed as Robert Rankin but I
                      knew him as Matt Hanley 6. Cathy McKelbie(?) 7. Elizabeth Sellars 8. ? 9. Betty Findlay

I'd be grateful if you could also post this wee note to Jim Rennie:
I was the wee sod who sat beside you in class. We were given scissors and paper to cut out patterns like snowflakes. I must have run out of paper and started to cut patterns in your jersey. For this I received the belt (first one in our class to get it). I am not proud of this episode and can only send you a belated (70 years on) apology. I remember the teacher saying?
What made you do it, John?  and I said,  Please Miss, it must have been the Devil!

P.S. The wee lad in front you knew as Robert Rankin, front row 5?  I'm confused, I thought he was wee Matt Hanley.

John McInnes (Then Kousourou)


A lifetime honour and timeless photograph on the web
for family and friends to enjoy



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