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  Wellshot Primary School
  Dec 2019, email, Veronica Ann McLafferty (nee Westwater), age 71, Largs, Ayrshire.
I was at Wellshot primary and annex Tollcross Rd. and didn't pass the 11 plus so stayed at Wellshot Sec. until I left.  
 My memory is now poor due to strokes and age.   I stayed in 51 Trainard Ave. married my hubby 62 Trainard Ave.  we are still together.  Trainard Ave adjoined  the school . I am just not too clever working these thingy's.    To cut it short, I would love to have some old school photos.   MY memory is not too good.    I can remember teachers names.   I can recall some class mates names.   I was in the choir that won THE GOLD MEDAL in The Robert Burns contest. 
June 2020, email, Jeanette Bridegewater , age 68, Edinburgh
hi veronica westwater from large asked for school photos of wellshot primary or tollcross annexe. I don't have any but would just like her to know I remember her name. It was similar to mine Bridgewater, and I also attended both schools from about1958 to 1963. She is 3 years older than me but I also sang in the choir for Robert Burns competition at the Wellshot Halls that she mentions. I don't know how to contact her but if you could pass the message on that would be nice. I went on to Eastbank Academy but she may remember my brother Charles who went to Wellshot secondary and nearer her age.
Yours sincerely  Jeanette Bridgewater

Nov. 2022, email, Robert Brown, age 65, Glasgow                                                          
I went to wellshot school 1968/72 I played trombone in the school band maybe someone might remember me

 Wellshot Primary School    Class of  c1960


 Dec. 2003. Photograph from Derek Brown, England  (email tba


1. Teacher Miss Jack
5.Andy Rudolph

9 Ian Goldie

2. Donald Kennedy
6. Eddie Kirkwood
3.John Sutherland
4. Billy Hamilton
8. Alex Morton.

3rd Row

1. Robin Bridgewater
5. Donald Thaw
9. Billy Kemp

2. Allan McGuffie
6. Billy Borland
3.Jim Bell
7.Robert Mushat
4. Alex Monteith
8.Duncan McBrearty
(killed in Ibrox Disaster)
2nd Row

1. Hannah Rain
9.  Catherine Torbett

2. Jenette Ogilvie
6. Rena Falconer
3. Martha McQueen
7.Dorothy Kennedy
Front Row. 1.Derek Brown
5.Cameron Hay
2.Logan Simpson
6 John McDowell
3. Willie Watson
4. Alec Harris
Please contact webmaister if you can put a name to a face or have a tale tae tell.  


May 2008, Laura Hay
I showed my dad the picture and he was delighted!  He also has a couple of the missing names for you to update;   3rd row number 5.  Donald Thaw;  2nd row number 3. Martha McQueen; Front row number 4. Alec Harris.  Hope this helps!!!  Thanks again for the picture, fabulous site!   Laura

March 2012, Jenette Simpson (neeOgilvie), Ayrshire

I would like to add my name in the wellshot primary class 1960 im number two in the second row from the bottom left my name then was jenette ogilvie if you do this for me that would be great thanks

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