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Albany Street  named for Charlotte Stuart, Duchess of Albany, who was the daughter of Prince Charlie. Burns sings of her as the Bonnie Lass of Albany. This lady was born in Paris and baptised at Liege on 29th October, 1753. Her mother, Clementina Walkinshaw, was the youngest daughter of John Walkinshaw of Barrowfield and she died at Fribourg, in Switzerland in 1802.                                 

Albany Street        

Albany Street runs west to east from Baltic Street to
Dunn Street., photo was taken from Baltic Street end. The Dunn Street end of the street, opposite side to the school had tenements.
Photo showing Dalmarnock Primary School at 35 Albany Street
The red railings is the site where a paper mill once stood and up at the school playground there was the janitor's red sandstone house which backed onto the Mill.  I remember seeing the Mill on fire....
Nice picture of Dalmarnock Primary School


Albany Street 

Albany Street from Dunn Street looking west towards Baltic Street.
You can see part of the schools new extension which was added in the 1970s
High rise Ruby Street flats in the background.                                      

The old school building opened in 1893. Dalmarnock Primary School was a beautiful
red sandstone school building which had extensions added in the early 1970's
It had spacious accommodation with separate halls for dining, P.E. and general activities.

It was a B listed building and had been well kept over the years.

It closed its doors for the last time in Feb. 2007 and was sadly demolished in March 2014. 


Extract from e-mail Feb.2003, Jim McVeigh, Glasgow
"Great site memories came flooding back I lived at 56 Albany Street until I was nine, best days of my life.
We used to play in Dalmarnock primary school across the road, the janny was big Dan Andrews
I still remember the tram depot, and the washouse in Ruby street.
But most of all I can still remember the names of all the families that lived in the street even now."

Webmaster : the houses where Jim lived were tenements directly opposite the school just at and beyond where my blue car is. The tram depot area has been replaced with high rise flats / houses. 



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