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  Streets of Glesca ...........Ardenlea Street ...... Dalmarnock


Ardenlea Street        

Extract from messageboard, May 13, 2003, Carol Clark (nee Munro), Ontario, Canada.
 "......... I've been reading this board for a few weeks now and I'm enjoying it very much so I'd thought I'd drop a line to everyone. My father died a few years back without saying very much about his life or family in Bridgeton. 
This website has opened my eyes to my families history. I do know that he was in the BB's as was his father. When looking through old photos I found a postcard of a old building at Ardenlea Street, Dalmarnock my dad lived their for a few years when he was a young boy. The postcard has woman in long dresses and there's a horse and cart outside the building. I have no idea how old this picture is.

My dad, Alexander Sutherland Munro was born in 1921 at 71 Sunnybank St. His parents Alexander Sutherland Munro and Jemima McOscar, grandparents were Charles McOscar and Sarah Dunlop they were living at 59 Sunnybank St in 1962 and Alexander Sutherland Munro and Sarah Killin they lived at 1 Arthur St Rutherglen in the 1930's.
 I also have the address of 76 Ardenlea Street for the Munro's"
Ardenlea Street        

Most of these houses are empty and are due for demolition.

Ardenlea Street, looking north. photograph taken from junction of Summerfield Street


Extract from e-mail, David Shaw, Eastbourne, England,  June 2002

"..many thanks for taking the photos of Millerfield Rd and Ardenlea Street at least I'll have something to remember it by now... I remember all the shops from the area and also the local cinemas Strathclyde ( where I worked in the 1960's when it was a bingo hall ) Granada, Plaza and the Olympia which is still standing."

Ardenlea St. June 1997                                                                                                 John Hannah  


Aug.2002, Extract from e-mail, John Hannah
"I like your website and I wanted to add to your collection of photographs. 
We lived in Ardenlea Street from 1964 to 1968, John & Isobel Hannah"

Aug.2002, Extract from e-mail, May Convery, East Kilbride, Scotland
For the first time, I have just had a look at your wonderful website.  I have just looked at Sreet Names - Ardenlea Street.  My father was born in 1910 and he too was born there.  I had just read your Guestbook/Message Page about a lady whose father lived there in the 1920s. I am researching my family tree and I am going to check my Census Records to see how many of my ancestors lived in the Bridgeton area - a lot.  Wesleyan Street is one such street. Really great website, very interesting.  Thanks for allowing me to share some happy memories of my father's childhood. May Convery

Dec.2018, e-mail, Ruth Tremayne-Smith, Age 70, Ash Vale, UK
My Grandad lived in Ardenlea Street - Sam Glass.  I often visited in the 50's and 60's.



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