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  Streets of Glesca ...........Baltic Street ...... Bridgeton Page1  


Fairbairn Free Church  at 181 Baltic Street was situated opposite Fairbairn St. 

1966        (see church)
I remember this old church very well, but always derelict.
The spare ground to the left was where we played fitba.

The tenements behind the church, just in the photo are in Albany Street, opposite Dalmarnock Primary school.

Tenements to the right of the church had a row of shops.
Adam's chip shop was there before he moved to Dalmarnock Rd.
Fairbairn Free Church was situated in Baltic Street, opposite Fairbairn Street.
Fairbairn Free church was built in 1876 and was located at 181 Baltic Street, Bridgeton.
The church and nearby Fairbairn Street were named after the Rev. Patrick Fairbairn (1805-1874) who was the minister of the first established church in Bridgeton, Bridgeton Parish Church in Dale Street,
Fairbairn Free church was demolished along with the entire community of surrounding streets during the 1970's. 
This old derelict church I could see from my Baltic Street bedroom window when we lived two-up at 74 Fairbairn Street.

April 2013, Peter Travers, Larder Lake, Ontario, Canada.
Hi I was born in 203 baltic street,was looking at your photo, i was wanting to show my daughters where i was born and i can just see the close,Jonny bigger had the bakers shop Adams chip shop and across the road was chalmers news agents, i rember going there with sweety coupons, i can still smell the shop, from the bunches of sticks they sold.  I remember playing a game called moshie i think thats how you would spell it, it was three holes in the ground so far apart and we used to play for pennies or washers or bools.   I rember it and neibours and some of my pals where we played, and the things we done.      Just thought i would drop you a line, as i am new at computers, and thought i would try emailing so bye for now

 Old street map

 Baltic Street between  Fairbairn St and Dunn St  :
Newsagent at Fairbairn St corner
         Close no.202 Baltic St
         Close no.204    ||
         Close no.206    ||
 Wembley Bar at Dunn St. corner


The picture below was taken from roughly the same spot.....Baltic St opposite Fairbairn St where the church once stood


Baltic Street

11th May 2002
Baltic Street at the junction of Fairbairn. 
The first close at the corner of Baltic St / Fairbairn St was number.202, opposite the church
I lived at No.202 before moving around the corner to number 74 Fairbairn Street
Behind the trees is Dunn Street

This is mah wee sister Linda McArthur wearing an Easter bonnet. She was born 22nd September 1955 in Baltic Street so I will be 4/5yrs old here. The old lady at the window in the background is Mrs Galloway.

This picture was taken around 1960/1 at the back close of
202 Baltic Street
, Bridgeton

(202 Baltic Street was the close at the junction of  Fairbairn Street )

I lived at 202 Baltic Street. the single-end in the close with my parents and wee sister before moving round the corner to 74 Fairbairn St.


Baltic Street painting by GlescaPal Wm.Neilly (aka Glesca Artist)
This original acrylic painting shows the Wembley Bar at the corner of Dunn Street and Baltic Street in the east end of Glasgow. It was completed by me in March 2009
The Wembley Bar was a favourite haunt of local GlescaPals. In my painting the tenements in Baltic Street are in the process of being demolished due to re-development of the area in the late 1960's. The background tenements front Dalmarnock Road between Dunn Street and Fairbairn Street.
In the foreground some young glescapals are kickin' a ba' aboot while two weans are climbin' and dreepin' aff a dyke. I've used artistic license to show a couple of gas street lamps wi' a wee lassie swingin' on a rope attached tae wan o' the lamp posts. I'm no' sure if the other wee lassie hingin' oan tae the clothes pole is watchin' her pal swingin' or the boys playin' fitba'.


Sept.2008, Bobby Bryden, age 58,  USA, ex-Brigton boy
extract from messageboard ....
I would like to contact my pal John Galloway. He had two sisters Ann and Margaret they lived at 202 Baltic Street across from Adams chip shop. I last saw John in 1964 we were pals and his sister Ann was a class behind me at Dalmarnock School years before. Any help would would be appreciated.
The Buggy Loan was located between Baltic St and Dunn St the close between Adams fish shop and Biggars bakery. You would go through the close walk thirty feet it was two stories high. Auld Hendry lived there I think he was the manager of the Celtic reserve team, it was common to see Celtic strips hanging out his window..... Bobby Bryden
Dec.2010, Bobby Bryden, age 60,  USA, ex-Brigton boy
extract from email ....I was looking at the photo of you and you're son and grandson both very nice when out of the blue came the thought of the first time I heard my Da call yer Da 'the general'
My Da had bought a greyhound from the mount vernon dug track he kept it in a kennel in Kinnear Rd and often I would carry the dugs dinner in an ashet pan in a leather bag we got to 210 Baltic St that's where we met yer Da wearing a dunkey jacket. Mah Da said how you doin general, no bad bobby hows yersel.
Half of brigton paid their rent when oor dug ran . there would be strangers waiting on the dummy for me and try to give me sweeties asking is yer das dug racing the night. Wullie Best from Dunn St trained and walked the dug.  ... When you moved to 74 Fairbairn St two-up the right you got Mrs Strachan's hoose she had twins we left Brigton in an exchange with the Currans. Anyway Webmaister keep doing what you do so well. Bobby Bryden  and all the best in the new year.

Bobby whit a fantastic email, really nice tae know oor faither's knew each other. I had never heard that we got Mrs.Strachan's hoose thats a new name tae me, thanks furr that. The Curran's were oan the one storey landing and the close in 74 Fairbairn St had the two shops, Baltic Street side was the newsagent and the other side was the dairy.... thanks for writing tae me pal, Webmaister.


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