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 Streets of Bridgeton


Bridgeton was founded on land belonging to the Barrowfield estate. Barrowfield was acquired in the late 17th century by John Walkinshaw, eldest merchant Baillie of Glasgow

1901-02 PO Directory
James Bicket, janitor of Barrowfield Street Public School his house was at 27 Fraser Street
Dan Gilchrist, teacher at Barrowfield Street Public School
77 Barrowfield Street,  Street Weaving Company, Ben Fielding & Son, blanket & plaiding manufacturers.
100 Barrowfield Street,  John Stevenson & Co, colour manufacturers.
126 Barrowfield Street …. Address of Barrowfield Street Public School
1940-41 PO Directory
51 Barrowfield Street,  Bennie, Andrew & Sons, Packing Box makers
77 Barrowfield Street,  Street Weaving Company, Ben Fielding & Son, blanket & plaiding manufacturers.
100 Barrowfield Street,  John Stevenson & Co, colour manufacturers.
126 Barrowfield Street …. Address of Barrowfield Street Public School

09 Jan 1887 a gas explosion took place in a house in Barrowfield Street; ten persons were injured and four houses wrecked.

17 June 1950 Operation Damages Claim Dismissed:  At Glasgow recently, Lord Strachan dismissed as irrelevant an action in which Thomas Henry Davis, 78 Barrowfield Street, Glasgow claimed £1000 damages from the board of management of the Glasgow Victoria Hospital in respect of a burning injury sustained by his five-year old daughter, Mary Ann, when she was a patient in the hospital. Davis stated that on December 13, 1948 his daughter was admitted to the infirmary to have her tonsils removed. Two days later when his wife called to take the child home, she observed an open wound on the child’s left cheek and was informed by a nurse that the injury was a burn caused by the instruments used in the operation being too hot.
Davis claimed that the hospital had failed to provide an efficient and adequately trained nurse to ensure that the gag was sufficiently cooled down to avoid burning the child. The burn, he said, had left a disfiguring scar on the child’s left cheek, which he believed would be permanent.
The board of management denied liability and declared that they provided a staff which was proper and sufficient and adequately trained for the duties entrusted to them, and that, under the terms of the Public Health (Scotland) Act 1897, they were not liable for damages.

Barrowfield Street 

Barrowfield Street looking east, photograph taken from Barrowfield St. School gates. 2002
The street opposite on the left is Fraser Street, the building at the top of the street is Celtic Park.
Walk along to the end of Barrowfield Street you come to Davaar Street ( see below). 
The wall was the yard of McDougalls the builder, behind the wall is the car park for Celtic FC.


Barrowfield Street weans


Aug.2009, May Anderson, Canada
here,s  that snap  i said i had the girls  in the back row . mary wilson . maggy dunlop , myself . front row  may  and jessie dunlop .jean wilson ,  they lived next door  to may , its the same close  that ronnie mcphee  lived  in , i spent a lot of time   with the sisters  but as we left school and went  to work  i lost touch  with them ,maggie and i had some  smashing  times  together ,  I understand she passed away  sorry to hear that was ur mum a dunlop? 

By the way i,m sure i saw billy in a bernard st school  photo , i still have to remember  to send my  photo  from that same school  i see  no girls  photo,s    from there .   
REGARDS  May Anderson (GlescaPal macaully)

Webmaister : May thank you very much for this great photo of the weans from Barrowfield Street.
May Dunlop was my auntie she married my mammy's brother Willie Evans. I have many fond memories of my auntie May. She was born in July 1940 which would put this photo at a guess taken around 1945-47. May sadly died in December 2001.
Mary Wilson Maggie Dunlop May Anderson
May Dunlop Jessie Dunlop Jean Wilson


GlescaPal Ronnie, London, Sept 2009. 
What a great photograph posted by May Anderson. I was only a youngster at the time, but I remember each and every one of them (apart form May herself) as though it was yesterday. And how Mary Wilson, when walking down the London Road, was killed when a chimney fell from the roof and killed her outright. I understand the coroners report stated this to be an 'Act of god', with no consideration that the building was in a dilapidated and neglected state. The blame for Mary's death should have been placed with the factors of that property, however, this was the 'bad old days', when the role of working class folks was to do or die, and Mary certainly died through no fault of her own.
And I remember Jessie Dunlop, and how she had a lovely voice, and sung in the long since disbanded Glasgow Orpheus Choir.
I wonder if May Anderson lived in the ground floor 'hoose' at 224 Barrowfield Street, her brothers being Tommy and Johnnie. I remember them both well and have a photograph of them somewhere. And auld man Anderson, who was always able to earn a few bob through sharpening knives with the single wheel portable knife sharpening contraception. And when not knife sharpening, he earned a few bob with his fiddle busking outside the pubs all down the London Road.

   The following is a photograph taken at almost the exact same position at the back close to 218 Barrowfield Street.

From left to right is
Elizabeth ('Biff') Dunlop.
My wee sister Marion McPhee, and Irene Wilson, sister of the aforementioned Mary Wilson.

It's interesting that I met Elizabeth some years later and unthinkingly said....'hello Biff', at which she rightly put me in my place by stating.....'My name Ronnie is actually Elizabeth' - ouch!"




Oct.2009, May Anderson, Canada
         (GlescaPal macaully) 74yrs old

Dear Webmaister,thought u might like this  pic  of the boys  of barrowfield  , in the middle is my bro  tommy anderson then biily dunlop  ,i don,t know the other 2 ,  i think  the yr to be about 1947, tommy would be 10 yrs old ,  tommy,s pal was jimmy mc cully  he lived  in the last close  in barrowfield st  , maybe ronnie will know them .


1 2 3 Tommy
4 Billy

Nov.2009, Karen Dunlop West Lothian, Scotland, aged 55
hi there my name is karen dunlop a just found photos of my aunties maggie, may and jessy dunlop on your web page along with my uncle bill dunlop, i was wondering if there was any way a could get a copy of these as maggie, may and billy have all since passed away. i was also wondering if you had any of billys brother john or big dunny as he was known. he is my uncle who also passed away this year. look forward to hearing from you.  thanks karen dunlop

Dec.2009, Harry Dunlop, West Lothian, Scotland, aged 55   (
What a great site. I would like to thank Ronnie McPhee & may Anderson for those great photos of my sisters Maggie, May, Jessy & Liz and my brother Billy. And thank you Wull for making all the memories possible. There is only two types of people in the world Glesca people and them who wish they were.


Barrowfield Lads 1962

GlescaPal Ronnie McPhee
, London. England 

"Ronnie with some of his pals.
This picture was taken around 1962
at the corner of Barrowfield and Stamford St.

The fellow at the back left I cannot remember, the others are:-


George Greenfield Joe

(See Ronnie's entry in GlescaPals)


Davaar St - Barrowfield St


Barrowfield St from Davaar St.  2002
The houses straight ahead are Stamford Street and on the right Dalserf Street 
This spare land was Steedmans Sweetie factory then later the Welma Bakeries. 
It is now used for football parking for Celtic park.


Oct.2015, email. Jenny Cunningham, Glasgow, Scotland 
       Law Street             I lived in 65 Law Street down from the Gallowgate, next door to Nelly and John McGowan, went to Barrowfield Primary school, we had a man teacher,Mr Jackson he was a xxxx, then onto Bernard Sreet secondary for first year then we moved to newly built John Street secondary, started there in second year as Bernard street was turned into a Catholic school. 
Before we got a house when I was just a nipper of maybe 3/4 yr old,we lived in Bellfield Street had to go getting a bath in the steamy (wash house) with giant washing machines and driers AND massive mangle which you put your clothes on for ironing them here was two very large rollers, they sooked your clothes in, great for ironing my Oxford  baggy trousers for the disco in the community hall at Camlachie.
Molly Johnstone was in charge of the tuck shop and dance floor, she was ruthless if she heard you swear she would wash out your mouth with carbolic soap, same if she caught you smoking in the toilets.
Moving into a new house with its own bath,WOW what a luxury but to be fair wasn't as good as the old baths in the steamy. The Welma bakery brilliant go buy some hot rolls, those sure we're the days, I remember Jane Chainey her dad was something to do with government, we went with our protest with hundreds of names to keep scooby do on the telly, the powers that be were taking it off so we took our protest to member of parliament Mr Chainey, those sure we're the mad days.


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