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  Streets of Dalmarnock

   Dalmarnock Road       junction of Birkwood Street       


boundary bar BOUNDARY BAR  cc1938
787 Dalmarnock Road
junction of Birkwood Street

Boundary Bar & houses
This was the last public house
in Dalmarnock Rd just before
the Dalmarnock Bridge.

All now demolished 

Extract from e-mail, Graham Hutchison, Perth, Western Australia,  June 2002

What an absolutely fantastic website. Since discovering it fairly recently, I can hardly stay away.....the photo of the Boundary Bar...... it was last in line after the Grocers/dairy, newsagent and butcher’s shop where the butcher's big black Humber Hawk was always parked ootside. My mammy always seemed to be sending me there for the 'messages', and always when oor fitba game was at a tight stage i.e. 87-86 and still 5 or 6 hours to play. I had better stop now otherwise I could go on and on, ahh MAGIC."
Extract from e-mail, Bob Clark, Cambuslang, Glasgow,  July 2002
The Boundary Bar:- My dad told me a story about the Boundary Bar. 
In the late 40's early 50's the Glesca corporation decided to crack down on the drink laws and changed closing time from 10pm to 9.30 pm This caused consternation among the city drinkers. However the punters in the B/Bar had it sussed. Rutherglen held their drink up time till 10pm. So just before shutting time in the B/Bar someone would look oot the street for the R/glen tram (or any tram going to Farme x) It could be spotted coming doon Dalmarnock Rd. When it reached the White horse pub at the corner of Summerfield St a shout would be given and the drinkers would finish up and run oot the pub to catch the tram for Tennant's Bar in Farme x to get the last half hour. Sometimes the drivers would know this and try to beat them oot the pub. Also the conductors if in the mood would charge a penny ride for two stages ( h/penny a stage) Downiebrae Rd being one stage.
The lads would all sit near the door so they could get aff quick. Jings whit they would dae fur a swally. Meanwhile the local population would huv a good laugh, especially oan Friday night, at the antics of the Bevvy Boys.

Dalmarnock Road
  junction of Birkwood Street     

Photograph of where the Boundary Bar used to be.......

Dalmarnock Road junction of Birkwood Street, with Millerfield high rise flats in the background.



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