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Photograph of the  Last Tram Procession through Bridgeton Cross on 4th September 1962,
I'm happy to say I was standing there watching it all that day.

                                                                                                                                                                                  4th. Sept.1962

Dalmarnock Road is top of the picture with Bridgeton Main Street the top right opening.
And of course the famous Bridgeton Umbrella with its clock, erected in 1875.


Dalmarnock Road looking south from the  junction of Ruby Street / Dale Street

1st June1962
Ruby Street and the Bridgeton Tramcar Depot is the first street on the left.
The street opposite on the right is Dale Street where the first established Church in Bridgeton 
was erected in 1836. Sadly the church was demolished in its 150th year, in1986. 
Interesting to note that the first minister of this Church of Scotland church was the Rev Patrick Fairbairn.
( I assume this is where Fairbairn St. got its name from. )
Fairbairn Street is the second street on the left as you look down Dalmarnock Road.

At the very end of Dalmarnock Rd., in the picture, you can see the chimney of Dalmarnock Power Station.  
All that you see in the picture above has now gone......... see below


May 2002  Dalmarnock Road looking south from the same spot as above!

Ruby Street has gone, Dale Street is the first opening on the right at the pelican road crossing.
The Church at Fairbairn Path (Street) can be seen. 
Sadly Bridgeton is no longer the bustling, thriving community it once was



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