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    Streets of Bridgeton  




                                                                                                    Painting by H.Watson c1960


 June 2008, GlescaPal Scotty, Wales
"Popped up tae visit ma Maw, and she haunded me this painting of a tram in Bridgeton Cross, circa 1960, by someone cawed H Watson. Anyone got a clue as to who he/she might be?"
The originals are on whit Aah kin only describe as "Art" paper, and are starting tae discolour a wee bit.
As my daytime hat is wan of Photographer, Aah huv contacts with a couple of specialist labs, and will be having a few copies made so that my brothers and sister can each huv a perr tae hing oan their wa's tae remind them o therr roots. That's therr Christmas soarted!!
They shud print up nicely oan a 16" x 24" canvas.

Jan. 2009, GlescaPal 'glesca artist', Scotland

" Webmaister I donít know if you are aware of this, but H Watsonís painting c1960 has an open-topped tram and an ornamental lamp standard at the corner to the left of the tram.  Note also, John Lappinís painting 1947 also has an open-topped tram. 
I believe H Watsonís painting was probably painted c1960 but used as a reference photo an image dated between the late nineteen-thirties to late nineteen-forties."                                                                                            ( See his Paintings )




   The Umbrella painting

Iain & Ruth gave me a framed print of this painting for my birthday on December 2010                                      by Jamie Simpson  c2000

  and below I took the colour out of the painting to produce this atmospheric effect.....





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