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    Streets of Bridgeton  


   Painting of Bridgeton Cross c1947

                                                                                                                                                                                         (photo supplied by Davie Fitzpatrick)


What a wonderful painting of 'The Toll'
It was sent to me by a pal who photographed the painting when he saw it hanging in the John Wheatley College foyer in Easterhouse!! It never fails to amaze me what this website turns all must be in 7th heaven oot there!!!  See also Bridgeton Cross painting c1938
Extract from messageboard, March 7, 2003  Marion (email tba )
"What a wonderful painting of Bridgeton Cross. on looking at it I felt that I was right there. I would love to have that hanging in my living room. The man walking nonchalantly across the street reminds me of my step-Granda who lived in MacKeith St off Main St. I heard he had been run over by a tram car at Bridgeton Cross. Sad story!"



Bridgeton Cross Paintings     c1938     c1947  c1950s  c1954     c1960     2013





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