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  Streets of Glesca ...........Bridgeton Cross ...... Bridgeton

Bridgeton Cross...Scobie's the barbers  
William Scobie, Ladies & Gents Hairdresser, 38 Bridgeton Cross  ( one door for the gents and another for the ladies)

Bridgeton Cross at London Road, the famous Scobie's, nearly every wee boy in Bridgeton had at least one haircut in this barbers. 

Old photograph of Scobie's

        Comparison photograph

April 2023, Email, Maureen Howley (nee Reilly), Age 67, Sligo, Ireland                    
By any chance, do you know the name of a large hairdressers in Bridgeton Cross around 1943 or 1944. My mum could not remember its name, and I have had no success finding out.
Maureen, the well known barbers at Bridgeton Cross was Scobies.

Thank you for your help. My mum died in 2021 at 92. I am writing her story. It annoyed her that she couldn't remember the name of the hairdressers where she started work. I wish I could tell her now!  You have made me very happy.  
She was Teresa Coulter, and lived at 35 Beechgrove Street. She worked at Scobie's when she left school in 1943, thereafter she worked in Bamber's in Charing Cross, Glasgow.


Below a photograph showing a wider view
Still a splendid building but unfortunately Scobie's barbers is no longer with us.
The impressive ex TSB Savings Bank is now a William Hill's the bookie.



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