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  Streets of Glesca ...........Bridgeton Cross


Bridgeton Cross... State Studio  & Grierson's the chemist
London Road, the famous State Studio, just about 
every house in Bridgeton 
had at least one photograph from this photographers. 

Have a look at the back of some of your old photos, the State Studio stamp will be there!
Photo below shows there has been little change to the building, but the State Studio and chemist are no more.
Extract from messsageboard June 2003, Bob Hay, Australia
Aye Wull, just about everybody would have photos from that wee photo shop. Probably standing beside a pedestal with imitation flowers and a background of somewhere in Italy!
But next to the State Studio was Grierson's the chemist. Anyone remember the giant jar in the window and shelves of jars with strange sounding names...The Pharmacopia.
There were three cures I remember from those days in the '40's which covered every conceivable ailment:-
1. A two bob bit to keep down the lump if you'd fallen off a dyke or a 'hudgie'
2. A big spoonfull of castor oil for just about anything, but especially, as my mother would instruct 
    "tae make ye dae somethin'" (The mind boggles). My mother firmly believed that any accident caused  
     constipation and that only a large spoonful of castor oil would remove 'the offending matter'
3. thirdly, but not least, a bottle of Angiers emulsion from Grierson's the Chemist to get you through the 
    winter.God knows what was in the bottle of funny green stuff.
This was still in the days remember, that if medicine didn't taste horrible, then it didn't do the job.
Grierson used to sell a concoction called Hartshorn oil, which smelled like a cross between ammonia and turpentine, and made your eyes water, which my Dad had to go round every year before November came in, and rub into my old Grandpa's back before he put his long johns on for the winter, which went through till about April or May.
He lived by that old Scots saying 'Dinae cast a cloot till May is oot'.

Extract from messsageboard June 2003, GlescaPal Wilma, Canada
"... Bob - You were honoured. A two bob bit, I can only remember them using a penny!" 
Extract from messsageboard June 2003, GlescaPal Bob Hay, Australia
"You're probably right Wilma, but I'm allowing for inflation!....and yet I seem to remember it had to be silver to make the lump go down."



Bridgeton Cross 

London Road looking towards Kerr Street.




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