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  Streets of Bridgeton


BRIDGETON CROSS..........the toll at London Road 
Aug.2002....Aye Brigton cross 'the toll' its never been the same since they introduced bus lanes and stopped the cars fae getting from Dalmarnock Road tae London Road. Ah remember the very busy mornings and evenings of the sixties and seventies sitting oan the bus at Dalmarnock Road heading tae the toon, THREE polis oan points duty. Wan at Dalmarnock Road/Main St, another at London Rd/Orr St and the other at London Rd/Olympia. 
Aye a very busy junction and a thriving community. Then WALLOP lets knock doon the hooses! They kicked the stuffing oot o' Brigton. Its a sorry wee place noo, empty streets ye hardly even see a wean oot playing. Jist look at the auld and new photos of Brigton Cross.....ahm away tae greet. 
Other parts of the auld place are starting tae take shape though.... whit they are daen doon the Green at the Peoples Palace is brulliant. 
Ah'll soon be adding some articles tae the website aboot the redevelopment at the Glasgow Green.

Bridgeton Cross at London Road    then & now

These tenements at Bridgeton Cross were renovated and the buildings kept intact.
The men in their bunnets have been replaced by cars. 
PANORAMIC VIEW of the same spot

Famous Bridgeton Umbrella on the left and the old Olympia Picture hall to the right at the junction of Orr Street.

Old photograph of 
Bridgeton Cross showing 
the weighbridge office 
which was in Olympia Street



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