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  Streets of Dalmarnock

   Dalmarnock Road           Power Station

                                                                      photo courtesy of Gordon Adams

Dalmarnock Road

Power Station photo taken in the 1960's

DALMARNOCK, in the east end of Glasgow, was once an engine-room of the city, and as such, has paid a high price as the heavy industries declined.

At a now derelict site at Dalmarnock Bridge, a mighty power station once stood, supplying Glasgow with electricity in the first half of the 20th century.

It has since been demolished, and its 300ft tower, built in the 1920s, took three attempts to topple.

Demolition of chimney at Dalmarnock Power Station, 1980

courtesy of GP Norrie & mustang

Feb.2010, GP Glesca Artist (Wm.Neilly), Hamilton, Scotland

A great photo of chimney demolition. I remember it well. I attended with my daughter but spectators were required to stand a block away for health and safety reasons.
Both the power station and the tenements opposite survived bombing during World War II.  The blitz on the east end started at 0106hrs, 18 September 1940 and continued until 14 March 1941.  The majority of these raids being carried out at night during darkness to have maximum effect on the people. 
The main targets were Dalmarnock Gas Works, Dalmarnock Electric Power Station and Dalmarnock Railway Bridge.  Bombs were also dropped en route at Dennistoun, Cambuslang, Burnside, Gartcraig Road, Cumbernauld Road and Hogganfield Loch.  
UXB's (unexploded bombs) were found at 288 Warriston Street, North Carntyne, and Easterhouse Railway Station.  Three Eastenders - Nurse Cecilia McGinty, Dr JS McLaren and Dr Daniel Millar - were awarded the MBE for operating on a man trapped in the wreckage of a blitzed tenement in Allan Street, opposite Dalmarnock Power Station


Dalmarnock Road photograph taken opposite site of Power Station  looking north.

old bw photo
Sept.1960,  Dalmarnock Power Station in the background, photo looking north towards Bridgeton.
 Tram No 26 crossing the Clyde at Dalmarnock Bridge heading for Burnside, via Rutherglen.

Photo taken from Dalmarnock Bridge
dalmarnock bridge
Dalmarnock Bridge painting by GlescaPal Wm.Neilly (Glesca Artist)
tenements opposite old power station



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