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   Streets of Bridgeton/Dalmarnock

   Dalmarnock Road        Railway Bridge                 Page1


Bridgeton - Dalmarnock boundaries
The boundary between the lands of Dalmarnock and Bridgeton, formerly called Bridge Town, was delineated by a burn that ran between what is now called Dunn Street and Nuneaton Street, crossed Dalmarnock Road and went down what is known as Bartholomew Street and continued down what is known as Carstairs Street before outfalling to the River Clyde.
According to the 1816 Ordnance Survey map Webster Street and all streets east of Carstairs Street, i.e. Swanston Street and Mordaunt Street are in Dalmarnock.

The Railway and its bridges were later built on the lands of Dalmarnock and "Dalmarnock House" located between Swanston Street, the new railway line and Strathclyde Street was still standing and is shown on the 1892 Ordnance Survey map.

The main "Dalmarnock House", was located further east between Dalmarnock Road, Allan Street and the River Clyde all as shown on the 1897 Ordnance Survey Map.

I'd like tae thank GlescaPal Wm.Neilly for unearthing this info .... I and many other of the GlescaPal members were told many years ago, that the railway bridge crossing Baltic Street and Dalmarnock Road was the divider between Dalmarnock and Bridgeton, obviously it was easy to use and mark as the boundary.


 photo 1967 courtesy Norrie & mustang  .

     Dalmarnock Road railway station and the bridge over Dalmarnock Road taken 1967. Jcn.Swanston Street
     'South-east' along Dalmarnock Road. 



               Tram heading south-east along Dalmarnock Road about to go under the railway bridge

 This is Dalmarnock Road looking NW towards Bridgeton Cross.  Left junction is Swanston Street, Right Junction is Baltic Lane


Dalmarnock Road     Railway Bridge

11th May 2002   Dalmarnock Road south of Mordaunt Street looking north-west towards Bridgeton Cross
The East End sawmills has been there for as long as I can remember.
The building was formerly an early 19th century dwelling at 367 Dalmarnock Rd.



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