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   Streets of Dalmarnock

   Dalmarnock Road           tenements opposite old Power Station


Dalmarnock Road 

Photograph taken from opposite Birkwood Street looking south towards the Dalmarnock Bridge which is just beyond
the trees, bottom right corner.  Opposite these tenements is the site of the old Dalmarnock Power Station.

Dalmarnock Road looking towards the Dalmarnock Bridge which can be seen just at the bend.
First street on the left, past the bus stop, is Birkwood Street. 


Extract from e-mail, Graham Hutchison, Perth, Western Australia,  August 2002
"I have been looking at your new photographs with some mixed emotions.
 Dalmarnock Rd at Dalmarnock Bridge.  I couldn't believe that this old tenement block was still there, one of my best mates (note the Aussie terminology)
Russell Sinclair lived on the 2nd storey in the 3rd close up as you look at the photo.  I thought - not everything has changed
It is just unbelievable the memories these photographs stir up, and no small amount of excitement just in looking at them.
I don't know if you realise just how much pleasure you bring to me and I am sure many others around the world with the work you put into this website."
Extract from guestbook, Ton Kinvig, Scotland  Aug.2004
This is a super site and although I haven't stayed in the east end of Glasgow for many a long year, I still meet many of my eastender peers when we meet at Broadwood Stadium Cumbernauld to cheer on our beloved Clyde Football Club. 
My maternal grandparents stayed at 48 Springfield Road and I have clear memories of "Granny" hingin' out the first floor window waiting to fling me a "piece" when I came out of Springfield Primary School at 4 o'clock. 
It's interesting that the 811 Dalmarnock Road building ( where I was born)  is one of the very few properties which still stand from the original days of Bridgeton and Dalmarnock that I remember.



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