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  Streets of Bridgeton  - Dalmarnock Road 



aerial photograph from Ruby Street high rise flats, December 2003

Photograph taken looking 'SW' from Mrs.Lancaster's house in Ruby Street high rise flat, 10th floor.  Left to right along Dalmarnock Road
Reid Street houses 
in the background

Sacred Heart playing fields, school and chapel 
can be seen, also the chapel mansion.
The white tenements far behind the chapel
 is Greenhead Street

Muslin Street heading up to junction of 
Main Street and Tullis Street.

Bridgeton Cross is just beyond where all the cars are parked

these houses here stand where once wee John Street Primary school stood.
Street was named Hozier Street at that time now been renamed as part of 
Queen Mary Street



aerial photo Oct.1974 emailed from Norrie McN  .

Oct.1974 Dalmarnock Road at the junction of Muslin Street and Old Dalmarnock Road, Pirn Street school bottom right corner
Dec.2009, GlescaPal JK, England.
When I was wee we got our messages from Peter and Jock Hair's Grocery on the corner of Dalmarnock Road and Muslin Street, just opposite Pirn Street. I remember carrying heavy bags across the spare bit of ground between the shop and Muslin Street on my way home to Landressy Street. 
The shop can clearly be seen in the photo - it's the one with the white awning. Don't know, though, if the Hair brothers still owned it then. We left Brigton in 1967.




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