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   Streets of Glesca's east-end


David Street

David Street taken from Crownpoint Road looking northwards towards the Gallowgate. 
Not much left in this street which has been closed at the Gallowgate end. 
St.Anne's Primary
school is to the right and to the left as you look at the photograph there was a Roman Catholic Chapel which was called *St.Anne's .St Nicholas
At the top right of the photo semi hidden by trees is the church hall for St.Thomas' Gallowgate Church of Scotland
In the background dominating the skyline is Millerston Street high rise flats.

St Nicholas' in David St was built in 1899 as St Anne's but between 1933-49 it served as a chapel of ease to a newly built St Anne's in Whitevale St. St Nicholas' Parish was created in 1949 but the church was finally closed in 1979 and demolished.
(source A History of Bridgeton and Dalmarnock by G.Adams)

David St

June 2006, email Beth Wolland, England                                                                                                   hi, just been looking at your website, I was brought up in Barrowfield but moved to England over 20 years ago.
* I noticed that on the site, you said that the church facing St Anne's School in David Street was called St Anne's, it was actually called St Nicholas'. My Mum was housekeeper there for a number of years, which is how I know.   An interesting read, Beth Wolland


   David Street looking north to the Gallowgate

(photo taken 8 Feb 2009)


Extract from e-mail, Dec.2003, Mary Ross, Australia ( email tba )
....... my husband Tommy went to St. Anne's primary school also and he was disappointed to see the old building must have been brought down as he does not recognise the building ......  as you say the church across the way from the school was the old St.Anne's, the new church is at the top of Whitevale Street.  It has been there for a long time though.   I remember my mum telling us as children that  she used to go dancing in the "old" St.Annes after they built the new one so I guess the "new" church can be called "old" now.



 David Street junction of Crownpoint Road looking south down towards London Road          (photo taken 8 Feb 2009)



 David Street junction of Gallowgate looking westwards                                                 (photo taken 8 Feb 2009)

New houses in David Street across from St.Thomas Church - Gallowgate jcn up to the right.             (8 Feb.2009)




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