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  Streets of Bridgeton

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  Aye they have pulled mah building doon !!
Fairbairn Street ran west to east from 231 Dalmarnock Road to 262 Baltic Street it was formerly called Harvie Street, named after contractor Douglas Harvie.  Fairbairn Street tenements were demolished in the early 1970's and replaced with modern housing which opened c1978 and renamed, Fairbairn Path.

fairbairn street

Both sides of Fairbairn Street had three-storey high tenements.
             Entering from Dalmarnock Road there was a pend at No.5 on the north side and Dalmarnock Congregational Church Hall at No.18 on the south side.  Along from the church at No.11 was a wee sweet shop called Hobbs.  At the Baltic Street end of the street on the south side the last close number was No.74, a corner close, which had on either side a newsagent and a dairy. Upstairs on the first, second and third landings were two houses per landing.
            In the 1960s the newsagent at No.76 was owned by the Chalmers family and the Dairy at No.72 was known as Rinn's dairy.
My family moved from our single-end around the corner at 202 Baltic Street to two-up at close No.74 Fairbairn Street and being a corner close we had windows in both Fairbairn Street and Baltic Street. The house was a three apartment, a bedroom for my sister and a bedroom for myself, both of us at primary school and the living room with bed recess for my parents. The living room had a coal fire as well as the bed recess sleeping area for my parents, also had a sink at the window where we all washed, a small laminate folding table where we ate and a small scullery cupboard which housed the cooker. The flat had a large lobby which had an inside toilet and a cupboard for storing the coal.

The 3 shops in the then named Harvie Street, PO directories show owners as:
  shop at No.76 owned by Wm.Friock, 1905-1910
  shop at No.72 owned by Mrs.Fyfe  , 1905-1910
  shop at No.11 owned by A.Gray, 1906-1910

Fairbairn Street  tenements were demolished  in the early 1970s ,
new housing built and renamed Fairbairn Path c1978.

Fairbairn Path at the junction of Baltic Street 
The first house on the left was where no.74 Fairbairn Street was ( the close between 2 shops )
This is where I  lived. There is a plaque on the wall of this house (  smile  no mention of me)



Fairbairn Path at the junction of Baltic Street.
As you can see Baltic Street has been closed off here.
The trees in the background border Dunn Street.

Fairbairn St   page1   page2    page3  chums   sketch     backcourt  



Extract from E-mail April 2002, Margaret McGuckion, Minnesota, USA. 
"Great web site - brings back memories. I left Fairbairn St. when I was 4 yrs old (1952ish)... we lived in the last close before Baltic St. across from the two wee shops. My Dad worked at the Leatherworks at that time.......I have spent the last 3.5 HOURS checking it this website  and reading all the entries and photos! Keep it up...".         



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