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 Streets of Glesca  - Hozier Street, Bridgeton


John Street PRIMARY School, Hozier Street, Bridgeton, 1964


219th BB Flute Band.
Now this is a really interesting photo it was taken 15th September 1974 in Hozier St, we were standing opposite John St. Primary School. 
You can see in the background a fence and beyond the fence the tenements of London Road.

of 219th Boys Brigade Band, the company met each week in John St Primary School then moved to Dalmarnock primary

 I was the Officer in Charge of the band. It is an Amazing photo in that it was taken in HOZIER STREET across the road John Street Primary School building was still there at the time.
What makes the photo fascinating is behind us all the way back is virtually demolished!

The school and all the spare ground in the background has been replaced with houses and the street has been renamed Queen Mary St..

Extract from Messageboard, October 2003, Charlie McDonald, Parkhead, Glasgow
".........Wull I have to congratulate you on your photo of the 219th standing in Hozier Street absolute cracker in so far as social history is concerned. Here we have the last remnants of the 219th standing in amongst the ruins of a typically Bridgeton street in the 1970's. You are the last of the company and like your surroundings you are from another age.............
I am hoping to write a series of books on Glasgow's east end just like 'Old Parkhead'  covering all the traditional areas of the east end and I would dearly love to include this photo as to me it sums up everything that is relevant to the demolition of the districts that we all grew up's a cracker........."
Aye that old BB photo brings back memories!
I had always regretted taking that photo as I wished I had formed the band in front of the old John St Primary school, I remember thinking what a depressing background.
Now here we are nearly 30 years later and you have thrown a whole new slant on the photo for me...I look at it differently now. Yer some man, Charlie


Hozier Street        ( now renamed Queen Mary Street )

(Hozier Street, now Queen Mary St.) taken at junction of Dalmarnock Road looking east.
The parked red car is roughly outside the school gates where John St. Primary once stood.
The BB photo above the boys would be standing on the other side of the street opposite the red car.

The famous ARGYLL CAR was first manufactured in Hozier Street 1899 - 1905



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