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No. 62 Lily Street ......... many a happy time spent in this house 1 up right when my Great Granny Rankin
lived here in the 1950s and 60s.  Very fond memories of house parties especially at the ne'erday!
She died in this house 17 Feb 1968, 08:00pm aged 81yrs. 
I was 14 at the time and I remember 'having' to go into her bedroom to see her lying in her coffin.
In those days only men went to the funeral and I remember my mother, granny and aunties all crying
at the windows as we ( the men ) left with the cortege to her final resting place in Sandymount Cemetery.   
My great Uncle Bobby Rankin remained in the house till his death in Feb.1985   


Lily Street 1970s
Lily Street 1970s young boys wearing 'Flares'                        photo: James Alexander Martin


Lily Street weans

Back row 1. Jean Marshall 2. May Skivington 3. Sadie Dickson 4. tall girl 5. Kathleen McFarlane
Front row 1. Jim McDonald 2. Bobby Marshall 3. Ena Burns 4  girl 5 Bobby Burns

Apr.2007, Barbara Barclay (nee McDonald), Prestwick, Scotland
.... ..this photo was taken round the back in Lily St at end of WW2 I know some of the names May Skivington, Sadie Dickson, Jean McDougall, Bobby Burns my brother Jim McDonald is in the front row.
My Grandad Crone lived at 55 Lily Street my cousin Teresa Wallace lived with him for years then he moved to Troon Street. I was born in ma Granda's house the Skivingtons were next door the Dicksons first landing next door Mrs Higgins the McDougalls lived in the close next door the Mones and Katy married a guy called Jimmy Rankin. they were all big families . I am sure no 1 is Jean McDougall her sister lived in the same hoose and she married a Marshall, all the families lived together then cause they couldny get a hoose efter the war,... regards Barbara

Apr.2007, Helen F Martin (nee Pritchard), New York, USA.
The first girl in the upper left hand corner, has to be Jean Marshall, a girl I went to school with. She lived in Lily Street, between Connel Street and Kinnear Road.
She had a sister named Peggy, if my memory serves me well. I could not be mistaken! It has to be Jean Marshall.
You know Webmaister, I never knew your great granny, but I do remember the name Rankin. It is truly amazing, what gets stored up in our memory bank.




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